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What does vishiswa mean?

vichyssoise [vihsh-ee-SWAHZ, VEE-she-swahz] A rich, creamy potato-and-leek soup that's served cold, garnished with chopped chives. In this country it's often mispronouced "vinsch-ee-SWAH." Full Answer

How do you cook french soup?

Soups have been developed over many years. Regional and family variations have even made soups with the same name, subtly different. Example recipes for bouillabaisse' (a French fish soup) and vichyssoise' (it's a French vegetable soup in a chicken broth… Full Answer

What is the most famous food in Paris?

For Americans things like Escargots, Vichyssoise, Crêpes or Bouillabaisse top the list. 2. Filet mignon, boeuf bourguignon, coque-au-vin, poulet cordon bleu, canard à l'orange, tournedos Châteaubriand, coquille Saint-Jacques, croque-monsieur/madame, pâtés de foie gras/campagne/terrines ... Full Answer

What words have a v in them?

View, vaudevillian, veteran, vicariously, victim, villain, vicissitude, visage, veneer, vanity, vestige, vacant, vanished, valorous, visitation, vexation, vivified, vowed, vanquish, venal, virulent, vermin, vanguard, vice, vouchsafing, violently, vicious, voracious, violation of volition, verdict, vengeance, vendetta, votive, vain, value, veracity, vindicate, vigilant… Full Answer