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What is a fava bean?

Vicia faba, the Broad Bean, Fava Bean, Faba Bean, Field Bean, Bell Bean or Tic Bean is a species of bean (Fabaceae) native to north Africa and southwest Asia, and extensively cultivated elsewhere. A variety is provisionally recognized: Vicia faba… Full Answer

When does the broad bean gives fruit?

Broad bean orVicia faba is a cool season crop, requiring 4-5 months from planting to harvest. It is a summer annual in temperate regions, a winter annual in subtropical zones and grown at higher altitudes in the tropics.

How many tons in a bushale?

Bushel Equivalents Per Tonne GRAIN EQUIVALENT Wheat 36.7440 Oats 64.8420 Barley 45.9300 Rye 39.3680 Flaxseed 39.3680 Canola/Rapeseed 44.0920 Corn 39.3680 Faba Beans 2 36.7440 Soybeans 36.7440 Peas 36.7440 Buckwheat 45.9300 Mustard Seed 44.0920 Canary Seed 44.0920 Sunflower Seed 73.4870

What do phlogophora meticulosa eat?

Aeonium Anemone Apium - Celery Basil Beta - Beet Betula - Birch Brassica Centranthus - Red Valerian Chrysanthemum Cynara - Globe Artichoke Dahlia Fragaria - Strawberry Geranium Hedera - Ivy Helianthus - Sunflower Humulus - Hop Lactuca - Lettuce Lamium… Full Answer