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What has the author Karin Wichmann written?

Karin Wichmann has written: 'Aktivation und Aufmerksamkeit im auditiven und visuellen CEP' -- subject(s): Attention, Auditory evoked response, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Attention, Testing, Visual evoked response 'Hans Moser' -- subject(s): Biography, Motion picture actors and actresses Full Answer

What has the author D Regan written?

D. Regan has written: 'Evoked potentials in psychology, sensory physiology and clinical medicine' -- subject(s): Evoked potentials (Electrophysiology) 'Human brain electrophysiology' -- subject(s): Brain, Electroencephalography, Electrophysiology, Evoked Potentials, Evoked potentials (Electrophysiology), Magnetic fields, Neurophysiology, Physiology Full Answer