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What has the author Thomas J Walsh written?

Thomas J. Walsh has written: 'Visual fields' -- subject(s): Eye Diseases, Visual Fields, Visual fields, Diagnosis, Perimetry, Visual Field Tests 'Neuro-ophthalmology' -- subject(s): Diagnosis, Eye Diseases, Eye Manifestations, Neurologic Manifestations, Neuroophthalmology, Diagnositc, Neuro-ophtalmologie, Manifestations oculaires, Manifestations neurologiques, Maladies de l'oeil Full Answer

What is

VS is Visual Studio. It is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for the .NET Platform Languages. It includes many languages such as: C#, VB.NET Visual Fox Pro and J#. Full Answer

What is ctrl plus j?

In my Chrome browser Ctrl + j shows the download history. Each application can have a different behavior when the Ctrl and another key are pressed. For example in Visual Studio 2008 Ctrl + j invokes statement completion. There is… Full Answer

What has the author Stephen J Straley written?

Stephen J. Straley has written: 'Straley's guide to CA-Visual objects for Clipper and xBase programmers' -- subject(s): CA-Visual objects, Clipper (Computer program language), Database management, Object-oriented programming (Computer science) 'Straley's Programming W/clippe' 'The CA-Visual Objects 2.0 Encyclopedia - Adavance Topics… Full Answer