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What is oil vix?

OIL VIX is the CBOE Volotility Index Created by the Chicago Board Options Exchange as a measure of equity market volatility. The VIX was introduced in January 1986. Since January 1993, the VIX has been computed in real time throughout… Full Answer

What is the VIX index?

VIX is not about volatility. The word "volatility" is used erroneously. Volatility would imply rapidly changing in EITHER direction. People have lost lots of money on account of the improper use of the word. I contacted the CBOE and they… Full Answer

Hedging with index futures means?

Hedging is the process of minimizing the risk to an investor's portfolio by minimizing their exposure to stock volatility. Index futures are the act of investing through an obligation to purchase or sell a product by a certain date. Hedging… Full Answer

Definition of the CVIX currency index?

CVIX Index: It is an weighted average of the 3M implied volatility across 9 major pairs of currencies. the various currency pairs are assigned various weightages with EURUSD having 36% and USDJPY having 22% weightages. It signfies investor expectation of… Full Answer

What is beta of a security?

Beta is a term used to describe the volatility of a stock against an index, usually the S&P 500. A stock that was 20% less volatile than the index would be described as having a beta of .80 - 20%… Full Answer