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How old is Chantal Conlins?

Chantal Conlin is an American actress who appeared in both "Mission to Mars" and "Voyage of the Unicorn". Chantal chooses not to make her age public, but she is thought to be in her 50s.

How too get a unicorn on howrse?

to get your first unicorn , you have to buy it from the sales (located on the breedeing drop down menu) . or if you have a female unicorn already , then you can breed her with a male unicorn… Full Answer

How do you breed an unicorn?

You must have a female unicorn, then you click cover my mare choose a stallion unicorn the same breed, do it at the right time and you'll have 1/5 chance of a Unifoal! :D

HorseIsle how to find unicorn?

You can't catch a wild unicorn, but you can lease one on Cloud Isle. You can also rent a pegasus both the unicorn and pegasus are 1 million dollars for 2 hours.

Are unicorn real?

Dynastes tityus, its the unicorn beetle, size to be about 1 inch, also called the eastern Hercules beetle and rhinoceros beetle. In my words if you believe that the unicorn is real than it is, if you don't believe that… Full Answer

Can you breed Uni Rejects and get a unicorn?

Unfortunately no, uni rejects are completely normal horses (even in the game 'genetics'). To breed a unicorn, both parents must be unicorns of the same breed to possibly produce a unicorn foal. Example To Possibly Produce a Uni: Connemara Unicorn… Full Answer

What are the three survival strategies?

1.Capturing a unicorn, milking the unicorn,and last drink the unicorn milk to stay hydrated the rest of your life. 2. Eat a butterfly. 3. Eat a skunk so you will be safe from predators.