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What is Wahhabism?

Wahhabism is a very conservative branch of Islam. It's different from mainstream Islam, and is often referred to as ultra-conservative, radical, and puritanical. Its interpretations of the Qur'an are much different than that of many Muslims, and the beliefs of… Full Answer

Do Shiites hate Saudi Arabia?

They hate Saudi family [Ibn Saud and his progeny] not Saudi Arabia, per se. Shiites hate Wahhabism (the movement of Sunni Islam that has official promotion in Saudi Arabia), not Arab people, because Wahhabism claims that Shiites are deviants from… Full Answer

What is an Islamic extremist?

An Islam extremist is like extremists of all other religions and faiths. Extremists of any religion believe that he/she is following the right belief and others are not and that they should be attacked and defeated. Extremism is against Islam… Full Answer

Do the Tablighi Jamaat follow Wahhabism?

The Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamic religious movement based on the principle of the "Work of the Prophets" inviting to God in the manner of Muhammad that began in India. They are a group of moderate Muslims. They avoid Innovation-Bida'at… Full Answer

Does Saudi Arabia practice Islam?

Saudi Arabia is where Islam originated from. Makkah and Madina Munawar of it's cities are the two most important Islamic cities of the world. Answer 2 According to Shia Islam scholars in Saudi Arabia a version of Sunni Islam called… Full Answer

What does the radical Islam want?

Followers of Radical Islam are sometimes called fundamentalists. They are those Muslims who are very careful and very keen to strictly apply Islam fundamentals and practices as commanded by Quran and Sunnah (prophet Muhammad PBUH sayings and practices. Accordingly, the… Full Answer

What are the current trends in Islam?

Answer 1 Same trends as dictated by God in His holy book Quran and by His prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sunnah (sayings and practices). Refer to question below. Answer 2 In terms of the development and change of practice of the… Full Answer