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What rhymes with soccer mom?

Soccer: 1 syllable: dr, dr. 2 syllables: ahner, altherr, amr, arbor, arbour, archer, ardor, armer, armor, armour, arner, arter, arthur, bachner, bahler, bahner, balmer, barber, barbour, barbre, barger, barker, barner, barter, blonder, blotter, bobber, bober, bochner, bodmer, bodner, bogner, boller… Full Answer

If a judgment is entered against a litigant on Judge Judy do they have to pay the show back?

he show's creation stemmed from's reputation as one of the most outspoken family court judges in the country, becoming the topic of a article in February 1993. The piece caught the attention of, leading to a segment… Full Answer