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What has the author Mario Cooper written?

Mario Cooper has written: 'Flower painting in watercolour' -- subject(s): Flower painting and illustration, Technique, Water-color painting 'Painting with watercolor' -- subject(s): Technique, Water-color painting, Watercolor painting 'Watercolor by design' -- subject(s): Biography, Technique, Watercolor painting, Watercolorists 'Flower painting in… Full Answer

What has the author Norman Kent written?

Norman Kent has written: 'Drawings by American artists' -- subject(s): American Drawing, American Painting, Drawing, American, Painting, American 'One hundred watercolor techniques' -- subject(s): Technique, Watercolor painting 'Seascapes & landscapes in watercolor' -- subject(s): Painters, Marine painting, Technique, Watercolor painting… Full Answer

What has the author Ray Campbell Smith written?

Ray Campbell Smith has written: 'Watercolour work-out' -- subject(s): Technique, Watercolor painting 'New Artist's Handbook' 'An Introduction to Oil Painting' 'Developing style in watercolour' -- subject(s): Technique, Watercolor painting 'Perspective' 'Classic Techniques for Watercolour Landscapes' 'Watercolor Work-Out' 'The Complete Guide… Full Answer