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Who invented the internet and how did he come up with the idea?

%REPLIES%. Answer . it was invented by the military as a means of communication. dunno the guy's name.\nhow he came up with it was most likely that he needed to connect co ( Full Answer )
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How did Niels Bohr come up with his ideas?

Niels Bohr (1885-1962) studied and adapted the works of Heisenberg, Planck, and others who investigated the particle and wave concepts of matter and energy. He was one of the ( Full Answer )
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How did they come up with the idea of a computer?

Charles Babbage invented the computer . Several people came up with various ideas for automatic computing devices at various times and working on different tasks, all were m ( Full Answer )
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How do people come up with clothing designes?

they either add some details to other designs they have seen , or they make up their own and create from their imagination :) p.s. i want 2 b a wedding dress designer w ( Full Answer )
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Where did they come up with the idea of an ipod?

Jon Rubinstein and a team of engineers working for Apple designedthe first iPod. The project to create the product was under theinstruction of Steve Jobs.
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How did Copernicus come up with his idea?

The idea is simply explained by looking at the Earth and Marsorbiting the Sun, as we now know they do, and assume circularorbits for simplicity. The Earth's orbit has a radius ( Full Answer )
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Where does Stephenie Meyer come up with her ideas?

For twilight it started with a dream, and she kept writing without knowing where she was headed. New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking dawn folowed.. Stephenie drives a lot, and whe ( Full Answer )
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How did they come up with the idea of football?

well, I think they just thought paying people to throw a ball and start running down the field screaming TOUCHDOWN while other people tried to stop the person running was just ( Full Answer )
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How did they come up with the idea of clowns?

They felt like it! Plls were bored at circuses, so they came up with clows.. I would think that the last word meant clowns! Circus is supposed to be a light family show with ( Full Answer )
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How did people come up of the idea of Christianity?

Nobody 'came up with the idea' of Christianity. Christianity was the way of life taught by Jesus of Nazareth, commonly called Jesus the Christ (c. 4BC - c.30AD) or Jesus Chris ( Full Answer )
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How did the alien idea come up?

It came about from people wondering if there was life elsewhere in the Universe, many people believe that there are life forms on other planets and others do not.
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How do song writers come up with ideas?

Most songwriters come up with ideas from events that occurred in their life; like a breakup or love issues, a death of a friend, a birth of a new baby, and painful incidents.
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Who comes up with ideas for laws?

people like you and me Laws are invented when people realize that something is harmful to people unless a law is made to correct it.
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How did they come up with the idea of Pac Man?

I saw this on discovery channel or science channel or something like that a few years ago. The guy said he was getting pizza with some friends he grabbed the first slice and t ( Full Answer )
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Why Intel come up the idea of computing?

Several scientist come with diffirent ideas of computers but these were very massive and time consuming but in 1968 two engineers robert noyce and gorden moore establish a com ( Full Answer )
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Where do 'Ferrari' come up with their ideas?

Ferrari is a corporation owned by a larger company. They employ people to come up with they ideas that make their brand the iconic money maker it is.
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What idea did Nikola Tesla come up with?

Tesla came up with many inventions critical for the technology of the 20th century. This would be a long answer so instead I posted the information in the related links box be ( Full Answer )
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Who idea was it to come up with youtube poop?

the first poop was created by superyoshi, called I'd say he's hot on our tail, before the name youtube poop was even given to the strange video editing style he created. The o ( Full Answer )
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What designs do the pottery barn stockings come in?

There are various patterns of stockings that they have. They have some that are pretty plain and can have your name sewn on them. They also have some with pictures on them.

How does Lego come up with set ideas?

I don't really know. But I think I read somewhere that they're open to suggestions. The designs are built to be practical and fir the shape and other details to be realistic. ( Full Answer )
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What is a pottery barn kitchen designed for?

The Pottery Barn kitchen is designed for people who can afford nice things. Their designs are a little more expensive but they offer a higher quality product.
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What new idea has AC Products come up with?

In November of 2011, AC Products patented a 9" ceramic corner shelf with integrated "Tidy Hook". It was made specifically for the corners of showers and bath areas, in order t ( Full Answer )
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What new idea did Copernicus come up with?

He revolutionized astronomy with his ideas about the heliocentric universe, he also published a book about the orbits of the planets and his ideas about the heliocentric unive ( Full Answer )
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What is a good way to come up with a book idea?

Get some inspiration! That is the best and pretty much only way youcome up with a book idea. Take a look at your surroundings. Maybeit'll be a poetic book about nature. Maybe ( Full Answer )