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What is a door sweep used for?

A door sweep is used for weatherization purposes on exterior and interior doors. The most important is that a door sweep can reduce heating and cooling costs.

What is BPI Certification?

BPI is the Building Performance Institute. They offer a number of different energy auditing and weatherization certifications starting with BPI Building Analyst. BPI Certification is the requirement for contractors who want to participate in the Homestar/Cash for Caulkers program.

What words end with suffix -ization?

words ending with -ization: * authorization * actualization * brutalization * capitalization * categorization * criminalization * colonization * civilization * dramatization * equalization * formalization * generalization * humanization * institutionalization * immunization * legalization * mobilization * moderization… Full Answer

What are nouns that end in -ion?

Examples of nouns ending in -ion are: action audition battalion circulation compassion decision delusion education erosion fiction fusion generation gestation hallucination humiliation illusion infection junction justification limitation location meditation mutation nation nutrition onion opinion partition perfection qualification question ration religion… Full Answer

What are the lists of unfamiliar words that starts with letter w?

All words are familiar to someone. Here is a list of some long words that start with W. 14-letter words wafflestompers, wappenschawing, wastefulnesses, watchfulnesses, watercolorists, waterishnesses, waterproofings, waterproofness, watertightness, wearifulnesses, weatherability, weatherboarded, weathercasters, weatherglasses, weatherization, weatherpersons, weatherproofed, weightlessness, weltanschauung, westernisation… Full Answer

How hot does asphalt get in summer?

I just took my infrared thermometer outside to take a reading on the asphalt. The outdoor temp at 7:30 pm was 89 degrees. The asphalt (lighter in color) was 116 degrees. I was curious about the asphalt because my husband… Full Answer

What is a 14 letter word ending with ion?

administration aerosolization alkalinization allegorization ammonification antiaggression anticorruption antidefamation antidepression antireflection antisubversion authentication automatization autosuggestion axiomatisation axiomatization bastardization beautification biodegradation bioremediation bipolarization bituminization blaxploitation bowdlerization capitalization categorization centralization centrifugation channelization chemoreception circumlocution circumspection circumvolution classification commensuration concelebration concretization conglomeration conglutination congratulation… Full Answer

What words have Z in them?

There are about 7,000 English words that contain the letter Z. Here are some of the longer words: 14-letter words acetazolamides, actualizations, advertizements, aerosolization, aestheticizing, aggrandizement, alkalinization, allegorization, anagrammatized, anagrammatizes, anathematizing, anglicizations, animalizations, apostrophizing, arabicizations, aromatizations, attitudinizing, authorizations, automatization, axiomatization… Full Answer

What rhymes with commission?

Fruition, remission, condition, physician, erudition, musician, permission, admission, audition, position, submission, gone fishin'... abbreviation abdication abduction aberration abjection abjuration ablation ablution abnegation abolition abomination abortion abreaction abrogation abruption absolution absorption abstention abstraction acceleration accentuation acceptation acclamation acclimation acclimatization accommodation accreditation… Full Answer

What words end with the suffix - ion?

abbreviation abdication abduction aberration abjection abjuration ablation ablution abnegation abolition abomination abortion abrasion abreaction abrogation abruption abscission absolution absorption abstention abstraction acceleration accentuation acceptation accession acclamation acclimation acclimatization accommodation accordion accreditation accretion acculturation accumulation accusation accustomation acetification acetylation acidification acidulation… Full Answer

What are some Scrabble words that use both the letter A and Z?

Words with a and z abastardize, abaze, abbozzo, ablaze, ableeze, abnormalize, abnormalized, abnormalizing, abolitionize, abolitionized, abolitionizing, abrazite, abrazitic, abrazo, abrazos, absolutization, absolutize, absolutized, absolutizes, absolutizing, aburabozu, abuzz. academization, academize, academized, academizing, accessorize, accessorized, accessorizes, accessorizing, acclimatizable, acclimatization, acclimatizations, acclimatize, acclimatized… Full Answer