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What are a ladybugs colors?

well, ladybugs can come in avariate of colors. some examples are red, orange, white, etc. some colors of the spots are brown, black, blue, red, yellow, etc. some don't even have any spots! to find out more Google "ladybug colors"… Full Answer

What is snooker?

Snooker is played on 12' table with 15 red, 6 colors and 1 cue-ball. There is a wonderful web site that can answer your questions. As you cant put web links on search snooker games in google. Full Answer

What are some good web design tips?

A good web design would be something that's exciting and neat. It should look professional in order to attract customers as well as keep them on the page. Don't use screaming colors as they can be irritating for the eye. Full Answer

Do hypertext have different color?

An HTML hypertext can have three different colors (unless special styles are applied). The basic colors represent the unclicked link, the link when you hover over it with the mouse without clicking, and the link that shows you have visited… Full Answer