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What is xkcd?

Randall Munroe created the webcomic XKCD. Munroe states that XKCD is not an acronym. It is just a word that cannot be pronounced phonetically. Full Answer

What is martinium?

Martinium is a fictional element discovered in the webcomic "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal". It was discovered by a husband and wife team, with the last name of Martinez. Full Answer

What is Homestuck about?

Homestuck is an interactive webcomic mocking tropes of RPGs, video games in general, and the internet. It starts out as a goofy and seemingly pointless plot, but develops into something more deep and involved as it progresses. Full Answer

What happend to Jun?

There isn't a canonical answer to that. Most fans assume he's alive. I recommend the webcomic "A Fistful of Arrows" It is non-canon but it's the best explanation I've seen. The link can be found in related links. Full Answer