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Name a good gift to give to a werwolf?

It will depend on what their personality is. If their a friendly werewolf, then get them something that makes people feel happy. If their unfriendly, get them something that suits their Uncooked meat or bloody meat. Have I helped? Full Answer

What is a werewolf imprint?

it's sorta like werewoof luv.when a werwolf imprints on someone they hav this connection with them that is strongr than anything else it could be sexual, brotherly, fatherly, sisterly, mothrly ect.really hope dis explains it :] Full Answer

How do you tell you are a werwolf?

first, you will have blanked out memory on full moons. you will often wake with blood and dirt stook under your nails, and torn clothes. occasioanly some have found themselves lying naked in the forest. Then theres mood swings. you… Full Answer