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Is crackling a noun?

'Crackling' is a gerund. All gerunds end in "ing", but not all "ing" words are gerunds. The gerund can take the place of a noun, as in, "Playing ball was Bill's favorite game." The gerund can be used instead of… Full Answer

What do you call nouns verbs?

I think you are asking what the name is for verbs acting as nouns. They are called gerunds and usually if not always end in -ing. Running is good exercise but hard on the feet and knees. To run is… Full Answer

How to be an optimist?

Try your hardest to think of the good side of things. Everything has a negative side and a positive sides, even the worst of things always has a positive side to it even if it is hard to think of… Full Answer

Can mice remember?

yes i think so, like if it is harmed with a sertan thing they may shy away from it and small things lkike that. also they can remember thing realy well like mazes and were serten things are.

You are facing some feelings of insecurity?

I think we all experience feelings at times in our lives. You just have to stay strong and have confidence in yourself (remember the good things about yourself) and remember that all bad things pass and this will too.

Why do people at school make fun of me?

Because they are probably jealous of you, keep your head held high! And remember theres always someone to talk to, don't keep it to yourself, theres always a way to make things that little bit better! Becca Because they are… Full Answer

Will you become famous?

Maybe! What you put into things is what you get out of things. Remember that saying, if you think about it and use it carefully, it could be of use. And possibly make you famous, in the right hands!