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Who wrote the gavotte?

The Gavotte is a type of musical dance. There were many composers during the Baroque period and beyond that wrote gavottes.

Why do people dance the gavotte?

Because It was very enthusiastic, much like the height of the renaissance (the time the dance became very popular) And it was very spacious. People who performed the dance did it joyously.

What is lively dance called?

There are many different dances that are considered to be lively dances. In music lively dances could be Gavotte dances.

What is Gavotte?

Answer The gavotte is a French folk dance, taking its name from the Gavot people of the Pays de Gap region of Dauphiné, where the dance originated. It is notated in 4/4 or 2/2 time and is of moderate tempo… Full Answer

Who composed the dance music gavotte?

gavotte originated as a French folk dance, called after the Gavot people of the Pay de Gap region of France. Gavottes can be accompanied a solo singer, by one instrument or a group, violin, drum or bagpipe. It became popular… Full Answer