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Where can ghosts be found?

Ghosts can be found in haunted houses Ghosts can be found anywhere a person has experienced strong emotions or death. It doesn't always have to be a haunted house, it can ( Full Answer )
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What if you think he cheated but never found out for sure how do you find out the truth?

I think that if you truly know each other. You should be able to tell something is up. Then hopefully can talk about it. For me, I've been with my common-law bf for 6 years an ( Full Answer )
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Where are ghosts found?

Ghosts can be found anywhere really but mainly they are found in really old buildings and houses. If u think your house is haunted and if its really old try taking a picture o ( Full Answer )
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Where can a ghost be found?

I don't believe that ghosts exist. I believe that there are usually very logical explanations for 'apparitions'. However, that said, it seems that many people do experience ( Full Answer )
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How will youknow you have ghosts in the house because i found mouldy bread in the fridge and no body put it there?

maybe you have no ghost.... and im wondering if you had bread in your fridge in the first place..? or you forgot that you put it there.... not all weird things that happen usu ( Full Answer )
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Are most large arteries found deep inside the body?

\ngenerally yes with some exceptions (carotid artery, femoral artery, brachial artery etc) .\n. \nveins are generally more superficial (closer to the skin) than arteries\n. ( Full Answer )
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How do you find the ghost ship to find bellum?

First: you beat the first temple then you get a canon then go to the other side of the rocks go near the island and you will find the ghost ship!
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Who found out about ghosts?

there are tales that a man name Roberto miguel nemsis was the first person to actually report the findins of then what was called a spirit
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Why was captain smith's body never found?

No one knows where he died. Most people believe that it was in the bridge, but there is no body in there. Its just that no one knows. I would look in his room, but it would be ( Full Answer )
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Are there ghosts on Titanic ship?

Maybe there is a ghost on the Titanic lots of people died on the ship. There where 2,228 people on the ship and about only 700 survived. There where 885 crew members337 in fir ( Full Answer )
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Same as it Never Was ghost whisperer?

The 'Same As It Never Was ANTIQUES' store is the antique store where Melinda Gordan and her best friend Delia work in the show Ghost Whisperer.
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Why do fishermen never wear green?

Because green is the color most difficult to see in water - if a fisherman were to fall overboard, he needs to wear colors that could be easily seen in order to be rescued.
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How do you find the last sister on the ghost ship?

you have to go in the room where the skull door is then you will see in the bottom left of the map there are stairs that lead to the room where she is hiding
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Are ghost ship real?

No. Ghosts ship don't exist in concrete reality .The are the virtual creations of digital machines or mere hallucinations of the mind to create images of ghost ships as supern ( Full Answer )
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Why do ghost mouth never move?

their mouth does move sometimes people just can't tell because it's hard to see ghosts
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Is titanic a ghost ship?

in my religion yes it is and that edward smith the caption and jack thayer were heard to be having a conversation about the ship sink
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Can a ghost go inside of body?

Yes it but one thing if it did it would control you to walk and eat everything!
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What would you expect to find inside an acorn?

Inside an acorn you would find a seed taht is siqudgy hopethishelps soory if this doesnt makes sense my fitst time using wikianswers