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Can the repo man go in your backyard?

Answer . Yes, the exception would be if the property is secured such as a locked gate.\nIn most states the removal of a lock by whatever means is considered a "breach of p ( Full Answer )
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You've been seeing a married man for 7 yrs and have a child with him that his wife knows about He has child with her too He says he wants to be with you but its hard to leave his home Will he do it?

Answer . No, he has no thoughts of leaving his wife. You should know that. A high percentage of men that have a mistress will either not divorce their wife or, if they do t ( Full Answer )
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To see what one wants to see?

To see what one wants to see is called selective sight. To see whatone wants to see when faced with great hardship, like in a desertis called looking at a mirage. A mirage is ( Full Answer )
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What do you call when To see what one wants to see?

To see what a person wants to see might be called a mirage. Peoplewho have traveled in deserts become disoriented after they do nothave water for a while and might see a lake ( Full Answer )
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You are having an affair with a married man you are married too and you work together I want to end it but every time you see him at work you just go back to him Should you leave your job?

You should never leave your job just because of a man. Just try to ignore him. When you are about to walk by him just slip into another room. When he tries to talk to you just ( Full Answer )
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What do you say if you like someone that youll see again?

You can tell them the Truth that you like them so it will be off your chest and maybe youll have a chance with them and if your shy You can face being shy and take a try ( Full Answer )
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What animals dig holes in backyards?

Some animals that dig holes in yards are rabbits, ground hogs, moles, nutria, and dogs.
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Was there a man who found emeralds in his backyard?

In 1998, In 1998 Jamie Hill, a serious collector found an 858-carat emerald in his backyard in Hiddenite. Turns out that those emeralds were some of the finest gem quality eme ( Full Answer )
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You dug out some old money and you realized you can buy a a 16Gb iPhone and you really want one but your parents have said no a lot but you really want one what should you do and say?

First of all, if you dug out some old money, who's is it? Yoursthat you earned through hard work, or your parent's? If it was yourparent's, then ask if you can do chores aroun ( Full Answer )
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Can you mix cement in the hole you dug?

Yes, but the walls of the hole may contaminate the cement. Mixing the cement may be very hard, and precarious. Further, you may not be able to remove all the cement from the h ( Full Answer )
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How can you stop a dog from digging holes in the backyard?

You can stop your dog from doing this if you make sure he never does it as a puppy, or when he does it the first time you should catch him in the act right when he is doing it ( Full Answer )
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How deep is the deepest hole dug by an animal?

That is hard to say because not all holes are even seen. Thedeepest hole was probably dug by some sort of burrowing animal orinsect.
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How do you drill hole on concrete backyard?

Use a masonry drill. If you are drilling a large or deep hole, you can use a hammer drill with a special bit. If the hole is very large, you can rent or hire someone to do con ( Full Answer )
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What is the deepest hole dug by man?

The Kola Superdeep Borehole is the result of a scientific drillin project of the Soviet Union on the Kola Peninsula. The project attempted to drill as deep as possible into ( Full Answer )
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How do you say in French I want to see you too?

"Je veux te voir aussi." French however has two forms of saying'you,' depending on the level of familiarity. If the other personused the familiar 'tu,' 'te,' or 'toi' in his/h ( Full Answer )
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What animals dig holes in backyard?

All types of animals dig holes. According to where you live, youmay have groundhogs, gophers, moles, and chipmunks, just to name afew. If you have any of these and have dogs, ( Full Answer )
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My turtle dug a hole in the yard why is it doing this?

I used to own a turtle, and when it dug a hole it had actually lain eggs! I was surprised at this because I didn't know it had mated. You should check to see if this is the re ( Full Answer )
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What do girls want to see in a man?

What you think the girl wants to see in man? The girl want to see in the man muscules and abs.And they want a bad boy.And other girls are different.Other girls want to see in ( Full Answer )
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What makes a man want to see a woman?

It's a little trick that nature plays; nature demands all living things to reproduce and in order for this to happen, nature makes it interesting. It has to be made interestin ( Full Answer )
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Is it normal if you want too see other boys penises?

Yes. I've wanted to compare before, or, if you have... feelings for boys that is also normal. (just find a guy that feels the same) i have put both these down as i'm not sure ( Full Answer )
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How many holes are dug a year in landfill sites?

snakes a groundhog and frogs and dogs and cats and rats and kitten and mitten are all dug each year in the backyard sof homless people whe they look for warmth and food. these ( Full Answer )
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Who out of holes the book dug up a hole?

Everyone who had been sent to holes had dug a hole 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. There is no certain character who a hole. Although the main character is Stanley Yelnats.
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Where can one see man pics 2000?

You can see man pics 2000 online at the respective website. The contents of this website are explicit. The contents of this website are intended for adults only.
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Has anyone dug a hole in Neptune before?

No. Nobody has ever been to Neptune. Also, Neptune is a gas planet.There is no solid surface to dig a hole in.