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What geese are in Portugal?

There are a number of geese species that are found in Portugal. These include the bean goose, the pink-footed goose, the white-fronted goose, the greylag goose, the snow goose, as well as the Brent goose. Full Answer

Does Greece have geese?

Lesser White -fronted geese are quite common in Greece. Lake Kerkini is one of the main wintering sites of this species. Other species found include Greylag, Bean, Lesser White-fronted and Red-breasted Goose. Full Answer

What birds are in Egypt?

Egypt is or has been home to a wide variety of birds: the Egyptian vulture the guinea fowl the quail the owl (various species) the buzzard the pintail duck the white-fronted goose the plover the cormorant the jabiru the falcon… Full Answer

What color is a goose?

The color of the goose depends on which kind of goose it is. Canadian geese are grayish brown and white with a black neck and white cheeks. Some domesticated geese are white, brown and white, or gray and white. The… Full Answer