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William roy Patterson born April 15 1954?

My Father, William Roy Patterson, was indeed born 15 April, 1954 in Roswell, NM, Chaves County, to William Horace Patterson and Amanda Frances Patterson. His siblings include Barbara Jean Patterson, Helen Joann Patterson, Howard Ray Patterson, and Betty Gail Patterson. Full Answer

What has the author William Roy Bowen written?

William Roy Bowen has written: 'New technologies and Renaissance studies' -- subject(s): Electronic publications, Renaissance Manuscripts, Text processing (Computer science), Digitization, Study and teaching (Higher), Humanities, Archival materials, Renaissance, Congresses, Data processing, Educational technology, Technological innovations, Educational innovations Full Answer

Who was a geologist?

There are quite a few famous geologists. Among them are Roy Chapman Andrews, Mary Buckland, and Jack Horner. The father of English geology was William Smith. Full Answer