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Did Woodrow and Edith Wilson have children?

Woodrow Wilson and Edith Wilson did not have any children together, however, Woodrow Wilson did have three children with his previous wife, Ellen Wilson. These children were Margaret Woodrow Wilson, born in 1886, Jessie Woodrow Wilson, born in 1887, and… Full Answer

Ann Wilson related to Carl Wilson?

If you mean Ann Wilson of Heart - no. How about cousin Carl Wilson, not of Beach Boys Carl Wilson but Ann and Nancy's father's brother's son. Carl Wilson of "Carl Wilson and Heart" and White Heart? Where is Carl… Full Answer

Who are Wilson Phillips?

Wilson Phillips are/were a pop trio composing Chyna Phillips (daughter of John and Michelle Phillips) and sisters Carnie and Wendy Wilson (daughters of Brian and Marilyn Wilson). For further information on Wilson Phillips, see Full Answer