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Can you be emancipated in Wisconsin?

Answer . I don't believe Wisconsin has an emancipation statute. However, you might still be able to petition for emancipation, because generally you can ask the court for a ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Mayor of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has a governor, not a mayor. Some cities have mayors. The current Wisconsin governor is Scott Walker.
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Where is Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is in the United States - in the Midwest. It borders Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan. It is also part of the Great Lakes region, bordering Lake Superior and ( Full Answer )
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What is Wisconsin famous for?

Wisconsin is famous for SummerFest, Harley Davidson, and cheese.It is also the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright, the famousarchitect and the birthplace of the Barnum and Baile ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Wisconsin?

Largest City is Milwaukee . Earth Day start . Capital is Madison . 2nd biggest producer of dairy products after California . State bird: Robin . Home of the Biggest Water ( Full Answer )
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Weather for Wisconsin?

The weather in Wisconsin is generally cold and snowy in the winter.During the summer months, it is warm and humid.
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How did Wisconsin get its nickname?

"Badger State" Although the badger has been closely associated with Wisconsin since territorial days, it was not declared the official state animal until 1957. Over the years ( Full Answer )
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What is Wisconsin mascot?

Bucky Badger. His full name, something you learn on the campus tour, is Buckingham U. Badger.
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DUI in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin a DUI remains a misdemeanor charge until the fourth offense within five years-which is pretty lenient compared with other states' DUI laws. A first offense DUI wi ( Full Answer )
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What is On Wisconsin?

\n. \nOne of the most famous school fight songs ever written.\n. \nIt's the fight song for the University of Wisconsin's football team. Its lyrics are:\n. \n On, Wisconsin! ( Full Answer )
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Are there chiggers in Wisconsin?

Though essentially absent in developed and agricultural areas, there are indeed chiggers in WI, most commonly found in dry grassland areas.
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Where is the Wisconsin Dells?

The Wisconsin Dells is 50 miles north of Madison, WI on I90/94, or it's about 100 miles north of the IL border (South Beloit) on I90
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Were is Wisconsin located?

Wisconsin is in the Midwest by Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Illinios, and Indiana. It's also around Lake Superior
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Where is Antioch Wisconsin?

Well, there is no Antioch, WI. However, there is an Antioch, IL, just a mile or so south of the Illinois / Wisconsin border. It is about an hour's drive north of Chicago, and ( Full Answer )
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What is the motto of Wisconsin?

"Forward" Reflecting Wisconsin's continuous drive to be a national leader, the state adopted "Forward" as the official state motto in 1851.
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What is Wisconsin like?

Wisconsin is like most of the Midwestern states in terms ofclimate, size, and things to do. It is a big producer of cheese,and home to the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Buck ( Full Answer )
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What is the Wisconsin idea?

The Wisconsin idea is a political policy. This policy was developedin Wisconsin (hence the name) and is used to foster thecontributions of public universities to the state as ( Full Answer )
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What is a Wisconsin cheesehead?

A "cheesehead" is someone who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Since Wisconsin is the cheese state and many of the bigger farms are in or near Green Bay, we are considered t ( Full Answer )
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Does Wisconsin have peacocks?

Peacocks are most suited for places where there are a lot of rainbows. That is the climate that works best.
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What is Wisconsin?

A north-central US State that border Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and also shares borders with Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota.
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What are the Wisconsin Dells?

Wisconsin Dells is a city in Wisconsin. It has over 8 water parks, arcades, famous restaurants like Mr. Pancake, and family fun activities like golf and Mt. Olympus. It is the ( Full Answer )
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What is an fact about Wisconsin?

They produce alot of dairy products....the cheese is awesome. and the dells are freaking sweet!
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Do you like Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is 1 of the BEST states ever! im telling u it is a fun experience i live here and it is the dairy land how cool! u should live here/come here! try it! I think it's ( Full Answer )
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Why is Wisconsin called Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is an English spelling of "Ouisconsin", itself a French version of "Mesconsing", a Miami Indian name for what is now called the Wisconsin River. Roughly translated ( Full Answer )
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What is a Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is not an object; it is one of the states in the USA, North America.
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What plants are there in Wisconsin?

tons of plants are in Wisconsin like for instance the state flower is wood violet.
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Is there a Wisconsin Wisconsin?

No, there is no Wisconsin, Wisconsin. Although, there is a Wisconsin Dells, WI and there is also a Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
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What is the abbreviation for Wisconsin?

The most accepted abbreviation is WI (which are both written ascapital letters). This practice is accepted by the US Postal Systemfor all US states and Territories. WI
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Are there chupacabras in Wisconsin?

Chupacabras are, for the time being, mythical creatures. They are a study within the field of cryptozoology, which also includes dragons and elves. Chupacabras have alleged ( Full Answer )
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Are there pelicans in Wisconsin?

Yes, white pelicans have recently started returning to Wisconsinalong the Mississippi and in in the Fox Valley area.
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Is Wisconsin North?

Wisconsin is located in the north of continental United States. Itis located between Minnesota and Michigan.
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What is the width of Wisconsin?

The distance across Wisconsin fromeast to west is 260 miles. The distance across Wyoming from northto south is 310 miles.
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What are industry in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's major industries are manufacturing, agriculture, andhealth care. Wisconsin is one of the nation's leading producers ofmilk, cheese and butter. Agriculture crops in ( Full Answer )
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What rivers are there in Wisconsin?

The major rivers in Wisconsin arethe Wisconsin River, Mississippi River, St. Croix River andChippewa River.
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It is bordered by Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is bordered by Minnesotato the west, Iowa to the southwest, Illinois to the south, LakeMichigan to the east, Michigan to the northeast, and Lake Superiorto the north ( Full Answer )