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What does science fiction exclude?

Some would say that science fiction excludes fantasy but Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Science fiction authors have mixed science fiction with all other forms of literature. There are science fiction lyrics to… Full Answer

What are facts about science fiction?

Science fiction is popular especially in the movies. Some of the most popular movies have been science fiction including Gravity, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Alien, and Avatar. Locus Magazine is the best source of science fiction news. It… Full Answer

Is White Fang fiction or science fiction?

The Jack London novel is fiction. Adventure or animal fiction, certainly not sci-fi. to the bewt of my knowledge London never wrote science fiction. Poe was known to experiment with it, as were some other nineteenth-century authors . Doyle did… Full Answer

What is domestic science fiction?

Science fiction that is written with a clear interest in the authors nationality or religious or community culture. Science fiction is one of the more closely self-examining forms of literature and there are many instances of writers and anthologists taking… Full Answer

What has the author Claudia Tate written?

Claudia Tate has written: 'Domestic Allegories of Political Desire' -- subject(s): African American authors, African American women, African American women in literature, Allegory, American Domestic fiction, American fiction, Desire in literature, Domestic fiction, American, Heroines in literature, History and criticism… Full Answer

What has the author Kay Mussell written?

Kay Mussell has written: 'Fantasy and reconciliation' -- subject(s): American Love stories, American fiction, English Love stories, English fiction, Fantasy in literature, History, History and criticism, Reconciliation in literature, Women and literature, Women authors, Women in literature 'Women's gothic and… Full Answer

What has the author Suzette A Henke written?

Suzette A. Henke has written: 'Shattered subjects' -- subject(s): American Women authors, American prose literature, Autobiography, Biography, Commonwealth Women authors, Commonwealth prose literature, Criticism and interpretation, History and criticism, Psychic trauma in literature, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Autobiography, Women… Full Answer

When did science fiction begin?

The term 'science fiction' was coined in the 1930's however the genera has always been a part of literature ever since its earliest conception. Many authors and works have been cited as the first science fiction writer/story but such can… Full Answer

What has the author Mickey Pearlman written?

Mickey Pearlman has written: 'Between Friends' 'Inter/view' -- subject(s): American Authors, American Women authors, American literature, Authors, American, Authorship, History, History and criticism, Interviews, Women and literature, Women authors, Women authors, American 'American Women Writing Fiction' 'Tillie Olsen' -- subject(s)… Full Answer