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Do caribou live in the mountain?

No. Most caribou are found on or very near to the Arctic tundra, depending on the season. An endangered species of Woodland caribou are found in the montane regions, but they don't live on the rocky slopes where the mountain… Full Answer

Is the caribou endangered?

Yes it is considered to be endangered, and has been a protected species since it was included in the Endangered Species Act of 1983. There has been some talk of removing the caribou from the list, but thus far, it… Full Answer

Is the Caribou an endangered species?

Yes, Caribou are indeed an endangered species. After being hunted for their hide, the population of caribou has decreased from 2 million in the 1900's to 1 million today. Urban growth also has an effect on the caribou population as… Full Answer

How many woodland caribou are left?

There are only 1670 caribou left In 2009 there were at least 31020 woodland caribou in the boreal forest. In 2002 there were a further 43950 woodland caribou in the northern mountains of BC, 7208 woodland caribou in the southern… Full Answer

Are caribou endangered or not endangered?

According to an article published in Conservation Biology November 2010, woodland caribou are considered endangered in the United States and threatened in Canada.. They have been over hunted, faced threats of logging and roads which damage their habitat. They are… Full Answer