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What is word salad?

Word salad-- Speech that is so disorganized that it makes no linguistic or grammatical sense.

What makes a salad a Salad?

the word salad is derived from a latin word meaning 'salted' fresh crisp leaves tastey dressing nice garnish served in a cold bowl

What kinds of salad are there?

fruit salad green salad rice salad 3 bean salad potatoe salad egg salad tuna salad garden salad tomato onion salad tuna white bean salad ham salad beer salad ceaser salad cobb salad waldorf salad and lots more

What are some different salads?

There are many salads, here are some of them. Caesar salad pasta salad fruit salad potato salad Tuna salad taco salad Bean salad Broccoli slaw Caprese salad Chef salad Chicken salad Chinese chicken salad Coleslaw Congealed salad Cookie salad Crab… Full Answer

What are some types of salads?

Vegetable salad Caesar salad Tuna salad Fruit salad Chicken salad Tuna salad Taco salad Macaroni salad Potato salad Pasta salad Egg salad