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What are the uses of wound dressings?

Wound dressings are mainly to prevent the wound becoming infected, which is likely to happen with an uncovered wound. The bandages also put a slight pressure on the wound and help stem blood seepage.

Does a lecch help a wound heal?

If there is a wound with poor blood circulation leches can help heal the wound. The leches are attached to the wound. Their bite, with it's blood thinning properties and sucking of the blood, can help supply blood to the… Full Answer

What is an angry wound?

Usually, that term refers to a wound that is or is becoming infected. The area surrounding the wound will be red, warm and swollen.

What is entry exit wound?

An entry and exit wound generally refer to the two parts of a bullet wound that passes all the way through. The entry wound is where the bullet hits something, and the exit wound is where the bullet exits after… Full Answer