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What is wren?

Wrens are several species of small brown birds in the family Troglodytidae. Energetic, active birds, often found around dwellings. There are 63 species of wrens. Full Answer

Do wren live long?

Normally, most members of the family Troglodytidae live between four to five years. But the Carolina and Bewick's wrens can live to seven years. Full Answer

What are wrens?

Wrens are a type of bird. Wrens can also refer to members of the former Women's Royal Navy Service. It is also a surname. Full Answer

Biological functions of the family?

In a national way a man and a woman are united by marriage and live together to form a family. They produce children and bring them up. In this way descendants of family of the family are increase. This is… Full Answer

What animal eats wrens?

Wrens,being small are eaten by many predators.Cats,snakes and sharp shinned hawks are the major predators.In spite of this,the wren family continues to flourish,withover 63 species world wide.U.S. wrens include house wren,carolina wren,winter wren,cactus wren,sege wren,marsh wren,and Bewick's wren. Full Answer