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Will blu-ray playback on a 21.5 inch iMac work by plugging the one end of the HDMI cable from the blu ray player into the iMac's mini display port using an HDMI to mini displayport adaptor?

It's unlikely that HDMI based video will work with a DisplayPort input. Although DisplayPort can be connected to an HDMI input with a passive adaptor, DisplayPort does not support broadcast color space such as YUV. HDMI can accept and display… Full Answer

Which colors are in video editing?

While this question is not especially well-posed, here are a couple of possible considerations. Video typically conveys images in YUV colorspace. This is quite different from how we normally thing of RGB color in still images. Video is most commonly… Full Answer

If you take a video source outputting component video and use component cables but connect it to a display source that uses composite connections what's the highest display resolution you can get?

Component video is carried on three wires, normally referred to as YUV or Y, Pb, Pr. The Y component carries the luminance information - the brightness. The other two carry color information. Connecting a component signal to a composite input… Full Answer

What file formats would you use for a video file?

Video File Types - File extensions used for video files.ExtensionFile DescriptionPopularity.3g23GPP2 Multimedia FileVery Common.3gp3GPP Multimedia FileVery Common.3gp23GPP Multimedia FileAverage.3gpp3GPP Media FileAverage.3mm3D Movie Maker Movie ProjectAverage.60dCCTV Video ClipUncommon.aepAfter Effects ProjectAverage.ajpCCTV Video FileAverage.amvAnime Music Video FileAverage.amxAdobe Motion Exchange FileAverage.arfWebEx Advanced Recording FileAverage.asfAdvanced… Full Answer