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What is ziph's law?

I wonder whether you are asking about the work of George K. ZIPF, whose studies in linguistics turned out to have wide applications in other fields. If so, you will find some information at For additional informative sites, including… Full Answer

What is zipf's law?

All human languages have a very strange and most unexpected secret in common. It is called Zipf's Law, after the linguist George Zipf, who discovered it in 1939. He studied texts in many different languages and ranked the words in… Full Answer

What has the author L C Green written?

L. C. Green has written: 'Law and society' -- subject(s): International law, Sociological jurisprudence 'International law' -- subject(s): International law 'The Tehran embassy incident and international law' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Hostages, Terrorism 'The position of the individual in international… Full Answer

What has the author Albert Kocourek written?

Albert Kocourek has written: 'Formative influences of legal development' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Ethnological jurisprudence, History, Law, Philosophy, Primitive Law, Primitive societies, Sociological jurisprudence 'Sources of ancient and primitive law' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Comparative law, History, Law, Primitive Law… Full Answer