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I'm a slow typist, but I could get 175 words in five minutes with zero errors, no problem.

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2010-12-07 21:38:51
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Q: How many words can you the average person type in 5 minutes?
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How many minutes does it take an average person to walk a mile?

20 minutes is average.

How many minutes does it take for an average person to fall asleep?

7 minutes

How many words does an average person speak in their lifetime?

The average person, in an average lifetime, speaks 370,110,001.3 words on average, averagely speaking.

How many minutes per month does the average person TALK on the cellphone?

about 495 minutes

How many words per minute can an average person read?

the average person can read 244 words a minute.

How many meters can the average person run in three minutes?

The average person can run up to 6000m in 3 minutes. Though a athelet can run up to 10 000m in 3 minutes.

How many words does the average person read in a day?

The average human can read at 200-250 words per minutes. If you read for 24 hours straight at the same reading pace, you would read 288,000-360,000 words.

How many English words does the average person use?

An average person uses between 6,000 and 10, 000 English words.

How many minutes does the average person spend brushing their teeth over their life?

About 2-3 minutes

How many minutes does the average person live?

The average person worldwide lives about 64.3 years. This would be 33,819,228 minutes, taking the leap year into account. The average lifespan in the US is 78.4 years, which is 41,235,264 minutes, or 2,474,115,840 seconds.

How many words does an average person write in a lifetime?

The average person can write 20-30 words per minute.There is no accurate number of words in a lifetime.

How many words per hour can an average person type?

about 1500 words

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