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Which of these is an outgrowth of ethnology

Some native people of Australia have lost many of their cultural characteristics though what process

True or false The Federal Government is bound by apparent authority

What is the fifth field of anthropology

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Q: Are social institutions are part of the nonmaterial culture?
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Which of these statements is trueSocial institutions are part of the material culture?

Social institutions are part of the nonmaterial culture.

A society's rules of behavior are part of which culture?

nonmaterial culture

Which is not part of the nonmaterial culture?


Which of these terms is not a part of the nonmaterial culture of a society?


As part of a human culture is religion material or non material culture?


Which word describes something that is part of a country's nonmaterial culture?


Under what part of a culture would a person categorize the invention of a new high speed airplane for transportation?

nonmaterial culture

What is a part of a country's nonmaterial culture?

Non-material culture is a part of culture that consists of the abstract, nonphysical, or intangible aspects of society which humans create and which affect people's behavior. This includes their values, norms, beliefs, customs, rules, morals, language, institutions, and organizations. When sociologists consider this, they refer to several processes that a culture uses to influence its members' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The most important of these include language, symbols, norms, and values.

Which of these answers is the best definition of cultural traits?

The customs, values, social institutions, art, music, dance, language, and traditions that are part of a society's culture. A+

Definition of cultural traits?

A normal practice for a particular society. LOL

Social institutions are blank of the socialization process?

Social institutions are an instrument of the socialization process. Socialization has many mediums and tools ranging from the family, education and citizen integration into society. Social institutions are instruments in fostering these processes.

Which is not a part of your social environment?

Culture-- Nova Net Answer

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