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a capital gift.

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Q: What is it called when you name a building after someone who passes away?
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What is called when people gather after someone passes away and before the formal funeral starts?


Why do some family members turn into freaks when someone in the family passes away?

Sometimes family members turn into freaks or act differently when someone in the family passes away because they are grieving and overcome with emotion.

If someone passes away at war are they still a veteran?

No! They have graduated to War Hero

What is it called when you inherit something?

Inheriting something is known as receiving an inheritance. This typically occurs when someone passes away and leaves their assets or belongings to another person. The recipient of the inheritance is called an heir.

How soon when someone passes away is the will read?

Usually immediatly, last may me grandma died in the morning and at noon we where reading the will.

What do Spanish speaking people say at a funeral or when someone passes away?

lo aconpano en sus sentimentos. it means i accompany you in your feelings

To take away weapons is called?

dis arm if you disarm someone you take their weapon away

How do you use maudlin in a sentence?

i am very maudlin when someone passes away

What is it called when your voting rights are taken away?

Taking away someone's right to vote is to disfranchisethem.

Can you inherit a house with no will?

Yes, if someone passes away without a will, their property will be distributed according to state law through a process called intestate succession. This means the house would be inherited by the deceased person's heirs as determined by the state's laws of intestacy.

Who is responsible for credit card debt after someone passes away?

No one. The family is not responsible for the debt. Credit cards want people to think they are, but it is volunteer to pay/assume the debt of the person who passed away.

If someone who has a criminal record passes away are their records cleared off from the police system?

No, because they did commit crime - the records are changed to note the fact that they are deceased.