21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street was a TV police drama that ran through the late 1980s and early 1990s. The series was based on young attractive officers that went undercover in teen situations. The plots addressed issues such as drug use and suicide. In 2012, the show was adapted into a movie series. It kept the general plot, but there was a major change in tone. With Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as the main characters, the plot became much more comedy based.

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Who sings the theme song of 21 jump street?

Holly Robinson sang the theme song to 21 Jump Street. She also played as Officer Judy Hoffs, a member of the main cast.

Where was 21 Jump Street filmed?

Various locations in and around Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Where was the movie 21 jump street filmed?

Looks like New Orleans from where the bridge was and looking down at the cruise terminal. I am very familiar with it due to cruising out of NO several times. And the last Scene shows a casino in the city also.

How old was Johnny Depp when he filmed in 21 Jump Street?

24 in the first season, 27 in the fourth.

Johnny Depp's born 1963 and the first season of 21 Jump Street aired 1987 (& season 4 aired 1989-1990)

In the series he's playing Officer Tom Hanson and appears in 4 out of 5 seasons.

What year did Johnny Depp act in 21 jump street?

The series ran from 1987 to 1991, Depp left after 3 seasons with no hard feelings.

Did Marilyn Manson appear on 21 jump street?

No, Marilyn Manson did not appear on 21 Jump Street.

How much does jump street cost?

Jumpstreet costs $12 for the first hour, and $6 for every additional hour.

Did judy Hoff like Hanson on 21 jump street?

No, she thought of him as a really close friend, almost like a brother, but she never had feelings for him. When they first met she thinks he's cute but that's it. Judy Hoffs liked Penhall not Hanson.

They both liked each other and were seen flirting with one another but they never officially get together in the show.

In the pilot episode Hanson expresses interest in pursuing her at the end of the episode to Captain Jenko but they never followed that up.

Then in a few episodes later 'Gotta Finish The Riff' Captain Fuller asks if they're dating (because Hanson pointed out he usually works with Penhall in a case like the one they were working on). He doesn't answer because at the time they didn't like Fuller (who was replacing Jenko) but throughout the episode he is embracing Hoffs (hugging and kissing on the cheek) that would suggest they were.

Penhall and Ioki liked Judy too. In the second seasonthey focused a few episodes with Doug and Judy, and even kissed. They never finished that storyline either, and ended with Judy not wanting to take her friendship with Doug further.

Meanwhile Tom Hanson has another love interest. When she's gone, in the third season when they introduce Dennis Booker (who also likes Judy) Hanson despises him and wants him to stay away from her, and Judy suspects that he's jealous.

Again, a few episodes later they abandon the Judy/Tom storyline and give Hanson a new love interest. When she's gone, Hanson isn't given new love interests (that last more than one episode) and neither does Judy.

In the fourth season, on an assignment Judy is on with Tom, a medical student takes an interest in Judy. He mistakes her kindness for something more. He later rapes her, although he denies it. Hoffs turned to Tom for comfort afterward by staying over his apartment to sleep over. She doesn't tell him what really happened to her, but that she was scared of some noises by her house. Judy later tells Tom she was raped when the assignment was over and were celebrating with the rest of the crew. From there on Tom stands by Judy's side and they spend a lot of time together.

(Because Johnny Depp's appearances were becoming shorter and least frequent due to his desire to leave the show, Hanson is never given a proper send off. In his last episode, Tom and Judy are still close together).

What did Johnny Depp play on 21 jump street?

He played one of a group of very young undercover police operatives. They usually infiltrated high schools to sort out crime problems.

Did Johnny Depp try and get fired from 21 Jump Street?

he did, many times. Except nothing major to cost his producer or co workers their jobs or careers. Just a few things to get the message out that he wanted to leave. things like burning his underpants on the set and coming up to work dressed as Elton john.

Why Frederic Forrest Left 21 Jump Street?

"As a result of audience input, Jenko was killed off halfway through Season One and replaced by Captain Fuller (Steven Williams) a more traditionalist "by the book" authority figure."

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Does 21 jump street have nudity?

In a bedroom we briefly [about two seconds] see two nude teen girls and a nude boy kneeling together no genitals or breasts are shown

Was Brad Pitt in an episode of 21 jump street?

Yes. Episode 20 of the second season, "Best Years of Your Life".