400 Meter Hurdles

A 400 meter hurdle race is one lap around a standard track with 10 barriers. Racers usually have step patterns to jump over hurdles successfully.

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What are the two types of hurdle races?

In high school the 300mH (both genders) and 110mH (boys) or 100mH (girls). At the Collegiate level and beyond, the 110mH and 100mH are still run, but the long hurdles distance increases to 400mH.

How many miles in an oval outdoor field track in lane 8 going around once?

Assuming that we are dealing with a standard track, where the lanes are 42 in. wide and there is no curb on the inside of lane 1, then the answer is 0.278 miles or 447 meters.

What is Jana Pittman famous for?

Jana Pittman is an Australian athlete whose specialty is running the hurdles. She won gold medals in the 2002 and 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 2003 World Championships in the 400 meter hurdles. Click on the 'Jana Pittman' link on this page to read a short bio about her.

How many hurdles can be knocked down an athlete in a 400m hurdle race?

You can knock over all of them, it only disqualifies the competitor if the knockdown is intentional.

How does 400m dash time compare to 400m hurdles?

The men's world record in the 400 meter dash is 43.18 seconds. The men's world record in the 400 meter hurdles is 46.78 seconds. This is a difference of 3.60 seconds. The women's world record in the 400 meter dash is 47.60 seconds. The women's world record in the 400 meter hurdles is 52.34 seconds. This is a difference of 4.74 seconds.

How old is Edwin Moses?

Olympic gold medalist Edwin Moses is 62 years old (birthdate: August 31, 1955).

How far apart are the hurdles in the 300 meter hurdle race?

It's 45m to the first hurdle, and 35m between hurdles. The last hurdle is 10m from the finish line.

What are the best spikes for runing hurdles?

the best spikes for hurdles are sprinting spikes, there are some pretty fancy specific expensive ones that the professionals use, but the sprinting spikes you can get at any good sport shop. :)

^^^ that's wrong, for hurdling you want spikes with a heel. A heel much smaller than jumping spikes but definitely bigger than the non-existent one on regular sprinting spikes

Worlds best hurdle runner?

Dayron Robles of Cuba won the Olympic 110m hurdle competition and also holds the world record, so one could say that he is the best in the world at the moment in the 110s. His main competition, Liu Xiang, of China, exited the Olympics because of an Achilles injury. Angelo Taylor (USA) won the 400m hurdle competition, but Kevin Young (USA) has held the world record in that event since 1992.

NOTE: this is taking about todays best hurdles, not the pasts.

The 110 meter Hurdles will be very interesting next year and the best will definitely be crowned next year. Most Track and field fans will want to see the showdown between 3 champions: Dayron Robles, Ryan Brathwaite, and Liu Xiang. Throw in some American Wild cards and Terrence Trammell and you have a good race.

The 400 meter Hurdles will be a lockdown by Kerron Clement. The old Angelo Taylor will not try to challenge him. Javier Culson, L. J. Van Zyl, or Batman Jackson can only hope to defeat Kerron Clement once or twice next year.

2009 men's 400 meters with hurdles world ranking?

Kerrnon Clements, followed by Angelo Taylor, and other stars ranked like L J Van Zyl, Batman Jackson, and Isa Phillips.

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Who holds the men's 400 meter hurdle record?

Through the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, the men's 400 meter hurdles record is held by Kevin Young of the United States at 46.78 seconds run at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

What 400m hurdle time do you think I can run with a 400m time of 59s?

Well with proper hurdle technique you should be able to maintain a 1:03 or 1:04. Considering your probably a beginner I would expect your time to be a 1:09, 10 seconds slower than your 400m time.

What is the hurdle competition and what are the two types of hurdle competitions?

There are two (or three) general types of hurdles races. "Short" hurdles could be anywhere from 50 yards, to 110 meters. They are over generally higher hurdles, obviously closer together in a straightaway. Heights and spacing depend on age and gender, number of hurdles usually either 5 or 10 (indoors or outdoors).

"Long" hurdles are from between 200 meters and 400 meters (or 440 yards). All are 35 meters apart. Ten hurdles, for the longest of those races.

There was also a legacy race over low (30" hurdles) that went distances like 220 yards, 200 meters, 180 yards. Those were generally discontinued in the 1960's and 1970's.

The third kind of hurdle race is a long distance race called steeplechase. It is over barriers (hurdles that do not fall down). 5 barriers per lap, the 4th one is over a water jump.

What is the difference between a relay and a dash?

A relay involves 4 people passing on a baton for the race (4X100, 4X400 etc.)

A dash is like a sprint and is run individually (100m 200m 400m etc.) The difference is that a relay is run with more than one person.