Gambling is the act of wagering something of value (usually money) on an event whose outcome is uncertain. Several gaming companies provide people with the opportunity to engage in legal gambling activities.

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Does hand 6789A beat 56789 hand in poker?

Assuming that neither hand is a flush (all the same suit), the hand of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 is a straight, which is higher than the hand of 6, 7, 8, 9, A, which has nothing but an Ace high card.


What age do you have to be to bet on sports?

In the UK, it is 18.

in the us to gamble in a casino you must be 21

Horse Racing

Off-track betting in biloxi?

parimutual wagering on horse racing illegal in Mississippi


When did gambling first become legal?

5th June 1945

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What does heart and dice symbolize?

Heart and dice tattoo's sometimes symbolize a person

gambling with love or a chance that they took with a person and found love...

It's all about a roll of the dice type thing so that's where you get some of the symbolization from,its not always the same for everyone,but it is the most common use for this type of tattoo

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Is the wipeout zone inside?

No, it is filmed outside, as late as 2am sometimes.


What is the gambling age at harrah's casino?

Harrah's has casinos in several states, so it would depend in which state the casino is most casino that i have been to the age is 21 years old to enter a casino but it depends on the state.

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What is The Best 12 plus Gambling ps3 Game Out?

There is not one for the PS3 and only some for the PS2,or you can find some more information at where you can get what you want!


What is convenience gambling?

Convenience gambling is gambling form the comfort of your own home. A lot of online casinos offer huge upon huge welcome bonuses just to play at their casinos.


How many numbered treaties are there in Canada?

there are 11 numbered treaties in Canada

Card Games

Card games that start with the letter b?



What other forms of gambling are there?

3 main types of gambling are: Gaming (Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machines, etc.), Betting (Literally. Like betting on horses) and Lottery.

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How can online Sports betting help your economy?

If online gambling were legalized in the United States by letting las Vegas based casino's go virtual this would help give our down economy a kick start. In the past few years online gambling has increased by more than 30% each year since 1985 when the first online sports book hit the internet and has grown to more than $800 billion dollars according to (The Gambling News Team) if all winnings of more than $600.00 were taxed by the I.R.S at the time of the winner cashed ticket would give our government 28% of each winning ticked cashed would do wonders for our economy and not to mention Vegas. There should be a ban for all U.S. Citizens to place a bet with any casino that is not approved by the Las Vegas Gambling Commission and with further restrictions on underage gambling on-line by verifying a new account by Drivers License and Bank Account verification by the casino. All non U.S. Clients that bet on-line both onshore or off will be taxed same as any U.S. Citizens. I am the Co-Chairman of The and we have noticed the increase of our new members in the last few weeks just because of our slow economy and according to some of our new members comments has never bet on sports since their college days to win extra money or for fun are now playing to supplement their income. Many U.S.Citizens would rather bet with a Casino based in Las Vegas according to our members and sports betting forums becasue of the likeness of scams with some online casino's that opperate outside of U.S.Jurdiction. Let me know what you think I would love your feedback.

Super Bowl

Is there a strategy to Super Bowl squares?

That depends. Is the 10x10 grid numbered 0–9 before you choose your squares, or are the column numbers being selected afterward?

If it’s the former, the simplest strategy is to go with 0s, 7s, and (to a lesser extent) 3s. According to a Harvard study of NFL postseason games, those are the luckiest numbers by quarter. Getting a little fancier, try to choose 0s for the underdogs and 7s for the favorites. Avoid 2s, 5s, 8s, and 9s—thinking about football scores, which most commonly raise by either three or seven, this makes sense.

If you’re choosing randomly, there’s a lot less you can do. To maximize your chance of winning something, try to ensure each of your squares has a unique row and column. To throw a hail mary and try to win big, pick as many squares in a single column as the game allows.


Does Chattanooga TN have gambling casinos?

Chattanooga, TN does have gambling casinos but very few and they aren't anything glamorous like the ones in Las Vegas but they get the job done if you are looking to gamble.

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Online Gambling

Is online gambling legal in Ohio?

Online gambling is Legal and no individual has been charged with any crimes. Back in 2007 this was discussed in Congress with many people including Republicans stating that online gambling was not illegal.

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How did geography impact the Greek civilization?

Distance between city-states, clothing, trade, and democracy were amongst some of things that were influenced by the geography of Ancient Greece. The Greek lived in a Mediterranean climate. Winters were mild and wet, and they were able to grow grapes and olives. Summers were warm and dry. Grapes and olives were one of the few plants that could survive droughts. Mountains cover Seventy-five percent of Greece. The land was difficult to cultivate and the sea surrounded Greece. This made trade extremely easy because the Greeks could get what they could not grow. They were also able to bring back innovative ideas from other cultures that they traded with. Because mountains cut off the Greek, this led to the formation of city-states. There was limited interaction and unity of the city-states, which ultimately created river lies amongst them. Such physical barriers prevented a unified Greece. The sea became a vital part of the Greek society. There were hundreds of bays, skilled sailors, and trade of olive oil, wine, and marble for grains, metals, and ideas, technology, and philosophies was common trade items. The Greeks were able adopt the Phoenician alphabet, which later become the basis for all western alphabets. It also promoted democracy. Although the sea encouraged trade, the mountainous terrain enabled absolute rulers to gain power, ultimately leading to the demise of the Ancient Greek democracy and thus creating war mongers. Although the sea encouraged trade, the mountainous terrain enabled absolute rulers to gain power, ultimately leading to the demise of the Ancient Greek democracy and thus creating war mongers.


What is the highest ranked hand in poker?

The highest ranking hand in poker is a royal flush. That is an A high straight flush which would be ace, king, queen, jack and ten of all the same suit.


Is there gambling in Honolulu?

As of March 2011, gambling is illegal in Honolulu, and the entire state of Hawaii. A measure was proposed in 2011 which would legalize gambling in the Honolulu tourist district of Waikiki, and other designated areas. Although many people in Hawaii enjoy gambling, nicknaming Las Vegas as the "9th Island of Hawaii", many fear that gambling would ruin the lifestyle in Hawaii, as gambling does provoke other types of crimes.

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Who owns star city?

John Baltimore

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What do the letters on a scratch off ticket mean?

So far from what I have seen in Washignton State and what I have read on various websites... Letter codes help identify the winning amount of a scratch ticket.

For example:

ONE = $1.00

TWO = $2.00

THR = $3.00

FOR = $4.00

FIV or FVE = $5.00

SIX = $6.00

SEV = $7.00

EGT = $8.00

NIN = $9.00

TEN = $10.00

TWY = $20.00


These are the amounts I have seen and seem to be pretty uniform for every state.... BUT I do know that for the large winners that there are no uniform codes. They have letter codes that are the same as losing tickets. SO PLEASE SCRATCH (actually play the game) AND CHECK ALL YOUR TICKETS. Ya never know!

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Is online gambling legal in Oregon?

Oregon does not allow online gambling.

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What does ring the cooler mean?

This is magic talk for swapping out a deck where the order of cards has been lost, with a pre-arranged (cooler) deck.

Ring in a cooler is a terminology used in gambling and magic, which mean to switch in a stacked deck or a deck that has been placed in a specific order.

State Laws
South Dakota

What is the legal age to play bingo in SD?

The legal age to play Bingo in South Dakota is 18.

Slot Machines

What is the oldest slot machine symbol?

The oldest slot machine symbol is the bell


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