Hera (Juno)

In Greek mythology, Hera was an Olympian goddess. Her Roman equivalent was Juno. She was the goddess of women and marriage.

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What did Hera's diadem symbolize?

Hera, queen of the Greek gods, wore a golden crown called the diadem. By extension, "diadem" can be used generally for an emblem of regal power or dignity.

What were the flaws of Hera the Greek goddess?

Here as you know was married to Zeus. But she was very jealous. And she had every right to be. Zeus would constantly cheat on her with thousands of mortal woman. One time Zeus was doing his thing with, yet another one of his mistresses. But Hera had caught wind of it this time. She went down their herself. Zeus Saw her coming and in attempt to save her life he turned he into a calf. Hera understood it was a trick, and cleverly asked for the calf as a gift. Zeus reluctantly said yes. Hera Kept the calf under heavy guard, she had a monster watch it, but the monster had eyes all over his body. So Zeus sent down a helper. The helper went down and started telling the most boring story ever. And He made the monster sleepy. Slowly, eye, by eye, the monster fell asleep. and died. He was bored to death. The calf was set free and it ran away.

Another thing about Hera was that she hated Hercules. As it shows in the movie by Disney, Hercules is attacked by Hates while in love with another character named meg. But the truth is, Hates like Hercules and Hera Hated him, and Meg isn't Even an actual goddess or even mortal in mythology. Strictly made up. OK so, now I'm saying all this confusing stuff. But listen.

in the movie

- hates = enemies

- meg = real

- Hera = good


- hates = good

- meg = fake

- Hera = enemies

So, this is what happened. Zeus had an affair, and had Hercules, and kept him. Hera hated Hercules, because every time she looked at him she was reminded of Zeus being unfaithful. So She had to get rid of him. So she mad his mind wacko out, and he went in sane and killed his sons. Then he had to go pay of his crime by doing the 10 labors. But he had to do two more because Hera claimed that Hercules didn't do two good enough.

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What are hera's appearance?

Attractive and queenly. Even more beautiful than Aphrodite.will not really she was beautiful but Aphrodite is the goddess of love and appares in the shape or form off the his (or hers)image that they are attracted to.

How was the Greek god Hera honored?

Hera was honoured by sacrificed peacocks

Who was hera jealous of?

Hera is the goddess of marriage, and yet her husband Zeus chooses to have affairs with goddesses and mortals; whose children are often more well known then her own.

What was the gift Hera gave to echo?

Hera caught Echo with her husband, Zeus. She let her off with a warning the first time but the second time she put a curse(not a gift) on her. It was that she could only repeat one word over and over again. Hence the term 'echo'.

What were hera's known associates?

Hera was known by all mortals and immortals as the Queen of Heaven, and most would do her bidding if asked.

Who is a similar god or goddess to Hera?

Aphrodite is similar because they almost have the same personality.

Who were Hera's the Greek goddess partners in crime?

She had many daimons (spirits) and gods/goddesses in her retinue.

The Charites (The Graces), Hebe (Youth), Eileithyia (Pregnancy, Labor and Childbirth), Lyssa (Mad Rage) and a few others.

When did the Roman god Juno die?

The Roman gods, like their Greek counterparts, were immortal and incapable of dying.

What kind of powers did Hera's children have?

Hera's children had diverse "powers". She being the goddess of family and marriage, she wouldn't have bastard children, and her only children are, therefore, also children of Zeus, thus being Gods. Hera's children were: Ares, Enyo, Hebe, Eilethya, Hephaestus, and Eris. Ares was the God of war, Hephaestus, was, according to Wikipedia, the god of blacksmiths, metallurgy, fire, volcanoes, technology, among others. Eris was the goddess of discord. As you can see by these examples, Hera's children all had different specialities and different powers, and therefore, we cannot say Hera's children had a certain "kind of power".

Either way, if you are asking about the Percy-Jackson-demigod-kind-of-power, Hera didn't have demigod children because of the reasons listed above.

What is the symbol of Hera?

AnswerHera's symbols are: the cuckoo, it symbolized Zeus' love for her because Zeus was disguised in a cuckoo when he conquered her, the pomegranate- symbol of fertility because Hera was also the goddess patron of childbirth. Some of the most known Hera's symbols are the peacock- ancient symbol of immortality, the scepter and the diadem.There are also some minor symbols such as the lily, the cow, the orange tree, the apple tree, the salix (willow), the fig and the myrrh.