Abduction and Kidnapping

Abduction involves using trickery or force to remove someone from where they belong, such as with their family or friends. Kidnapping is when they confine that person against their will. False imprisonment is a type of kidnapping.

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What are some good books about kidnapping?

girl in a cage!!!

Room by Emma Donaghue

Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie (and its sequel)

Can your 17-year-old boyfriend go to jail for kidnapping if you ran away with him and you're 14?

Since both parties are minors, it is unlikely the young man would be jailed. That however depends upon state laws and if the two persons involved crossed state lines. There is a chance he could be charged with contributing to the delinquency and/or endangerment of a minor child. There are also zealous PA's who might try charging the seventeen years old as an adult, which would completely alter the situation. Basically it is not likely but not impossible, especially if the girl's parents wished to press any charges that would be applicable under state statutes. Another contributing factor might be if the couple were engaged in a sexual relationship and the state's "age of sexual consent law" is above the girl's age.

Can you drop charges of kidnapping between you and your boyfriend if you didn't want to press them to begin with especially if there was no fighting him to put you down to begin with?

depends on what age you are. If you are over 18 then you can drop the case whenever you want. but if you are under 18 , even if you drop the case, your parents still can press charges against him.

What are the causes of kidnappings?

Networking websites, and people doing things they shouldn't be doing.

It could have to do with family issues. People wanting money or even just abuse of the children.
Well, there is always someone who is single and cannot get a girlfriend/boyfriend. Or they cannot get a baby. They find out about children and think they are horrible brats/ cute little things. They travel to a village/city (they end up staying in a village) and try to trick a child into getting into there van. I know this much because I am 9 myself and there are kidnappers out in my village. They tried to get my friends.
extreme jealousy, pervertedness, etc.

Is kidnapping a sin?

Of course it is, anything Jesus wouldn't do is a sin.

What is abduction?

In physiology, any motion that moves away from the centerline of the body is abduction. If, for example, you are sitting down and separate your knees, that is abduction. If you are in the gym and working on a machine where you spread your legs apart, that is abduction.

What is Abduction about?

A high school kid discovers the people he thought were his parents are actually a couple assigned by the CIA to protect him while his father, an expert black-ops operative goes about his business. Another bad-guy finds out that the kid's dad got ahold of a list of people who had sold state secrets. The bad guy takes a team to try to get to the kid in hopes that they can use him to coerce his dad into giving them the list. The kid has been trained since he was little in self defense so when the bad guys show up, kill his foster parents, and try to grab him, he manages to get away - and takes along his would-be girlfriend as he goes on the run. At the same time, the CIA becomes aware of what happened and are trying to locate the kid. The CIA effort is led by a guy the kid doesn't (and shouldn't) trust. Eventually there is a showdown between the bad guy and the kid and the kid's dad takes out the bad guy from a distance.

Obviously there is more to the story, but that's a quick semi-spoiler.

Why is kidnapping called kidnapping?

Appropriately enough, kidnapper seems to have originated among those who perpetrate this crime. We know this because kid and napper, the two parts of the compound, were slang of the sort that criminals used. Kid, which still has an informal air, was considered low slang when kidnapper was formed, and napper is obsolete slang for a thief, coming from the verb nap, ?to steal.? Nap is possibly a variant of nab, which also still has a slangy ring. In 1678, the year in which the word is first recorded, kidnappers plied their trade to secure laborers for plantations in colonies such as the ones in North America. The term later took on the broader sense that it has today. The verb kidnap is recorded later (1682) than the noun and so is possibly a back-formation, that is, people may have assumed that a kidnapper kidnaps.

How do you avoid being accused of kidnapping your child when you want to leave the country with them in conjunction with a divorce?

The charge would be parental abduction, which is not the same in the eyes of the law as is a kidnapping by a stranger. Be that as it may, a parent cannot obtain a passport or visa for a child without having a court order allowing the action or a signed, notarized statement from the absent parent stating that they have consented to the action. In some cases officials will contact the absentee parent to confirm that permission has been granted before issuing a passport or visa.

Attempting to remove a child from the country while custodial rights are pending is a violation of state and federal laws and is subject to the termination of the parent's rights to the child(ren) and possible imprisonment. Grandparents and other people acting in your stead often are under the same constraints.

Why is the Lindbergh kidnapping important to New Jersey?

The Lindbergh case happend in New Jersey, and had lots of public notice due to the fame of the Lindbergh family. The case was tried in Flemington, New Jersey, and received huge media attention. It just so happens that it happend in New Jersey; the case would have

How does Joseph Kony abduct children?

There a lot of families and children who live on the street or live in very terrible homes. Joseph Kony sends his soldiers out at night to take the children in Uganda.

If you have a notarized temporary guardianship document can you get kidnapping charges?

Being a guardian for someone is basically their legal representative, UNLESS these guardianship documents allow for actual physical custody. If that is the case, and the documents is notarized, given by the parent who has official custody, then it should be fine. But they need to file that document with the courts as soon as they can, publish it and make it official. That way, everyone knows what is going on and with whom.


You cannot be a legal guardian until you have been appointed by a court of law.

What is the Statute of limitation kidnapping in California?

In California offenses that are punishable by death or life in prison, have no statute of limitations. If the felony can result in over 8 year in prison it is set at 6 years. Less that that they are set at 3 years. And it will be from the time the individual is found, so it could be years later.

What is the statute of limitations on kidnapping in New York?

There is none. Kidnapping is a Class A felony in the state of New York, and like every offense in that category, does not have a statute of limitations attached to it.

What are the effects of kidnapping?

Having been a victim, I can assure you it can frighten you silly. You become much more paranoid, thinking all people want to kidnap you.

But you can recover easily if you were not injured.