Adoption is a legal process that creates a parent-child relationship between individuals not related by blood. Adoption entitled the adopted child to all privileges like natural child and the original parent transfers all their rights and responsibilities to the adoptive parent.

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Giving up legal rights to your child means what?

That you have no right to see your child. Child Support is a separate issues. see links

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May a biological parent take her adopted child back?

That is up to the court to decide but it's very rare they allow that. They can not be sure she will not leave the child again and that would cause too much trauma for the child. Once adopted her parental rights are ended.
In most states, as long as the proper paperwork in filed and the adoption is finalized, the birth parent cannot take the adopted child away. In some states, there is a 6 month to 1 year period before the adoption is finalized. If a biological father was never made aware of the child's birth and did not sign a waiver of his rights to the child, then you may have a problem. Once the biological father has a paternity test to prove he is the father, then he has rights to the child. If the biological father knew the child was his and did nothing, then finding the biological father with a lack of involvement could satisfy the court and allow the adoptive parents to keep the child. Relinquishment papers are usually signed within 72 hours of the birth of the child. Once the parent(s) sign those papers, there is nothing they can do unless they can prove the adoptive parents are abusing the child. Even then, the child is turned over to Children Services and not the birthparents. No.

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Can a mother give up parental rights to a teenager?

A parent cannot simply abandon their child, however in most cases they can voluntarily relinquish parental rights provided that adequate alternative care (such as a relative willing to take the child or someone willing to adopt them) is available.


Can your adopted child marry your biological child?

No. These children are both legally and emotionally siblings, therefore it is not legal nor appropriate for the children to marry.

International Adoption

How do you adopt an undocumented adult?

You can't get around immigration law that way. Any lawyer will tell you that, and you may face charges yourself. That person has to go back, re-apply for immigration, and you may sponsor them by providing a home and or a job. Sponsored persons are more likely to get allowed in more quickly.


If you are pregnant and under 18 is there any way you can give your child to someone who cannot have children without letting your parents know?

I believe you can, but I think the mature thing to do would be to sit your parents down, no matter how difficult it may seem and tell them everything. Let them know the decisions you have made are your and you feel it would be the most adult, responsible choice for your baby. They may be hurt at first, but darling, I know they will understand and stand behind your decision in time.

If you are serious about adoption I would love to hear back from you as my husband and I have been trying for over 7 years to conceive. Thank you

if you really don't want your parents to know that you are pregnant, then you better hope that you won't have a very big belly. but the smartest thing to do is to tell your parents, even if they are angry with you, they will most likely let you give the child up for adoption. Or if your parents have a really close friend or you know someone then you can give them your child.
Child Support

Can you file for citizenship if you owe child support in the US?


The answer is probably YES, if it has not been reported to the Federal government or the state has not taken action against you. In most cases states do a lousy job at collecting child support.

In my case, I sponsored my foreign based spouse for a K-1 visa and then a perament residence card. I was never questioned about past owed support, I was asked to supply the shame of judgment (93 pages) and because it was so lengthy the USCIS only wanted to confirm that I was in fact divorced. Even while the state was moving forward to have my driver's license suspended fro non-payment for three years, I applied and received a new passport. At the time I owed over $200,000 in support mostly alimony and attorney's fees. Since that time I was appealing the judgment and it has correctly been reversed because of the unreasonableness of such orders.

So all said and done, the answer is probably YES, unless it has been reported to the Federal government.


I'm not sure, but I think you will have a problem, especially if the custodial parent has filed for any type of social/public services on behalf of the child that you were supposed to have been helping to support all of this time.


you need to find out how much you owe, who you owe it to, and pay it off before you file. if you owe it to the custodial parent it is possible for them to waive back child support, but that is up to them. if you owe it to the state, you will need to contact them and set up a payment plan.


Actually, you can't even go into most countries if you owe, or are currently paying child support. My ex-husband is a truck driver, and Canada won't even let him in after they run his drivers license.


Visa laws for applying do not let you Obtain a Visa to leave the U.S. if you owe more than $10,000 us dollars in back child support. If you Marry a citizen of another country and apply for citizenship while in that country they will not deny you as long as you have set up payment arrangements with the Federal Government, in many cases they do not check. If the Federal Government has been involved I.E.. If your case has been through court and you have been ordered to make payments, or if Back support comes out of your taxes, you are responsible to the Federal Government.

check the immigration laws: NO. but, if you pay or have a payment plan with the court and you show and prove that you paid in full or you are making your payments on time at least for one year. Remember it is a crime. and INS can see this like a moral turpide crime. The no payment of child support affect your credit, your driver license... etc...


What is a wrongful adoption?

It is basically an adoption that would not have taken place if the adoptive parents had knowledge of specific information. It could include a variety of reasons, for example the physical condition of the child.

edited to add: I believe there could be alot more involved in a "wrongful adoption." uninformed consent by the first parent. no consent from the first parent. an adoption that happened that didn't need to, where the parent "could have parented" with a little encouragement and chance to do so. A wrongful adoption can be one that shouldn't have taken place for a variety of reasons such as the ones above.

Edited to add: Wrongful adoption as a legal term is not the same as "wrongful adoption" as an opinion. To read more on the legal definition, see the New York State Citizen's Coalition for Children.

Edited to add: The first legal case of "wrongful adoption" was in 1986 when the "Burrs" sued the adoption agency of the boy they adopted in 1964. He had psychological problems and they challenged the courts to have his records unsealed for his file to find out the adoption agency lied to the them about the age and mental conditions of his parents who surrendered him to adoption.

Because they were misinformed of the conditions of his origins and surrendering parents they ended up winning $125000.

There are TONS of cases in our history now where adoptive parents have sued agencies and states for what may legally be called a wrongful adoption, but to this adoptee, feels like "returned faulty product."

The states continues to assure us that children are not commodities, however, returns from mislabeled children, prices varying depending on age and race one has to stop and wonder what HAS this world come to?

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Is adoption regulated by state or federal agencies?

Adoption RegulationsDomestic adoptions are regulated by state agencies for the most part; the state you live in and, if you adopt from out of state, the state the child is adopted from.

In addition: some states (example: Florida) the state outsources the adoption and foster care services and regulation to local agencies.

International adoptions are a different matter altogether. You have not only state and federal regulations, but you also have to work around the laws of the country from which you are adopting. And every country is different.

With a good adoption agency and/or attorney the governmental red tape should be no problem.

As with any dealings with government regulations, it can be frustrating. Just keep in mind that all of the regulations and hassle is for the benefit and protection of the child(ren).

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How does a poor person go about adopting a baby?

Adopting a Baby When PoorTry contacting your local adoption agency or maybe even Children and Family Services. There might be help out there for people who are poor. You can also do a google search for 'adoption fundraising'. You'll be amazed at all the ways you'll find to make the money you need. And don't forget the IRS offers an adoption tax credit of over $10,000!

Here are more comments and answers from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • My parents adopted my brother and sister through foster care and it didn't cost them a thing.

~ I would just like to add onto this answer... I don't know what you're current financial situation is however, when you ask a question like this with the word poor I would like to ask you one thing. Are you able to care for a child and provide them with everything they need to lead a happy and successful life? I'm not saying that "poor" people can't adopt children I just think that anybody no matter what they're situation should think seriously about how well they can care and raise a child. ~


How expensive is an adoption?

After having spent many months researching adoption, I have learned that the cost of an adoption depends on several factors. The costs can range from next to nothing to tens of thousands of dollars

First is the type of adoption: private adoption, special needs adoption, intercountry adoption, etc.

Special needs adoptions are often the least expensive because most states offer adoption subsidies. The Federal government might also offer special subsidies.

Domestic adoptions are not necessarily less expensive than International adoptions though it may seem to be the logical conclusion.

International adoption fees and costs vary widely depending on country, agency and travel requirements.

With private adoptions, you may end up paying for prenatal care, as well as the costs of the mother's hospital stay and related expenses.

So to answer the question: there really ''is no definitive answer'' to such a general question.

Domestic adoption through foster care has few, if any, costs attached. In fact, foster adoption may come with some financial support for the child, including medical coverage.


Who is eligible to adopt?

You would have to speak to adoption agengies and they will talk to you and see if you fit there criteria.

---- Additional Info-

I believe that in ANY case you must be a minimum of 18 years old (but most of the time you'll want to be older) and the process is long and many people are not eligible. Here is some other info I found. Many years ago, only married couples were permitted to adopt. Single people and homosexual couples were excluded as a matter of course, without evaluation of their individual merits as potential parents. Today, a wider spectrum of prospective parents is considered eligible to adopt, although the process is still easier for some people than for others.conventional married couples are considered the best candidates for becoming adoptive parents. The reasoning behind this is sound, if a bit socially backwards. Married couples are considered more stable and committed to one another, thus more capable of being good, consistent parents than are unmarried people.

Also Some agencies set minimum age requirements for adoption, (25 years of age or older), and many have maximum age requirements (45 or 50 years of age or younger).

International adoptions may also have age restrictions or requirements as well. These age restrictions should be considered when deciding from which countries it is appropriate to pursue adoption. Finally, birth parents also often express age preferences, either for older or younger couples, which adoption agencies will attempt to honor as closely as possible. Adoption application procedures include a thorough background check. Both legal and financial issues are examined. Any past legal or financial issues that become known because of this check may restrict a couple from adopting. The severity and length of time of past legal convictions (such as drug or alcohol convictions) is considered in making adoption decisions; any serious offense is typically enough to halt the process entirely. For example, no one previously convicted as a sexual offender is allowed to adopt children. Those who pursue domestic adoption with a felony offense on their record will face a long, hard road. Most agencies will not consider anyone with serious convictions due to the possible liability risks that the agency could face if harm later comes to the child. Those with a felony conviction will not be authorized to adopt internationally, per U.S. regulations. Past or present financial problems can also make the adoption process difficult. A history of bankruptcy, large amounts of debt, or any failure to make child support payments can negatively affect an application. Agencies are not looking for only wealthy families to adopt, but they do want to make sure that parents have the financial stability to provide for a child.


How do you give yourself up for adoption at the age of 15?

This is not up to you. A minor can not do that. You need you parents top give up their rights and the social workers take over. If someone wants to adopt you they have to speak to your parents first.

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Can you adopt an adult?

Here is advice: * As far as I'm aware, the "adoption" of a person over 18 only happens in a few isolated circumstances ... one, an adoption may be in process prior to the child's 18th birthday, and is granted after the birthday, meaning that the child (now adult) is legally related to the adoptive parent and entitled to all rights of inheritance, etc. The second might be for a person with significant developmental or other disabilities that prevent them from taking on legal adult status. More likely, this second relationship would be a legal guardianship, not an adoption. I've never heard of an older, non-disabled adult being legally adopted ... I can't see that there would be any legal reason for it! * I can see a reason for it. If you want to be legally family, with all the legal rights of family - such as visitation rights in a hospital, insurance rights, etc. So, can adults, who don't want to be a couple, but would like to be considered legal family adopt one another? * Adults cannot "adopt" other adults even in circumstances where the prospective adoptee is mentally and/or physically impaired. The legal process would be to petition the court to become the legal guardian and conservator. This is only applicable to persons who have been deemed legally incompetent and are unable to conduct their personal and/or financial affairs. * Actually, in America, adults can adopt other adults. This process is known as "adult adoption". It has been used in many states by gay and lesbian couples who want to be accorded the legal rights of family members in areas where there are no civil union laws, although in some states it would be considered incest for someone to adopt their partner. It is also used by people who are not partners, but have ties that they want to cement as family ties for the purpose of inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights, and other rights generally considered the domain of family. It can be used by adults who want their step-parents to be considered their legal parents, as well. There are many different reasons and uses for adult adoption, but it definitely exists and goes on all the time.


Are both boys and girls available for adoption in equal numbers?

Adoption and GenderAccording to Families Thru International Adoption, in most countries, boys and girls are both available for adoption. In China more than 97% of the children adopted are girls, but boys are available. In India most of the children adopted are girls but the percentage is not as high as China. In Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, and Guatemala the adoptions are about divided equally between boys and girls.

Note that at the time of this research (2004) Vietnam was closed to the US for adoption of Vietnamese children. This is alleged to only be temporary.

Addendum to the above post: Vietnam now (as of summer 2005) has boys and girls available for adoption.

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Can you get adopted by someone else if you do not want to live with your parents?

minor adoptionsI've beent there tried that. Your parents have to agree to the adoption first of all, and they have to legally give up their rights as your legal guardians. It also depends on the reason behind it all and to whom you will be adopted by and if they equiped to do so. Good Luck. You should really take time out to think about why you want to be adopted.

Does everyone who wants to adopt a child have to go through a home study?

Generally, yes, except in some cases of kin/relative adoption or a step-parent adoption. In these cases a homestudy MAY be waived. Aside from these given exceptions, everyone who wants to adopt must go through this important step in the adoption process. Also, a homestudy is only valid for one year. If a year passes, and you have not had a child placed with you, you will be required to have another homestudy done. The homestudy requirements may also depend on your state's laws on adoption. My wife and I just adopted twins, a boy and a girl. The judge who heard our case and granted us the adoption did not order a home study. Ours was a private adoption and we were able to take the twins home the day they were born. Home Studies sound intimidating and can be nerve-wracking if you do not know what to expect. It can feel like you're being judged or under a microscope, but they aren't that bad. To ease your mind, talk to someone who has been through the process. Maybe join a group or mailing list. And remember, the homestudy, like so many other aspects of the 'red tape' involved in an adoption, is for the good of the child. And that is what is really important, isn't it? == ==

International Adoption

How expensive is adoption?

The average cost for a private adoption is between four thousand and thirty thousand dollars.

Domestic private adoptions can cost anywhere in that price range. There are cases where a domestic adoption can cost less. Special needs children for example may cost less to adopt.

International adoptions tend to run from about twelve or fifteen thousand to about thirty. But the cost usually includes agency fees, travel expenses and CIS (formerly called the INS) fees, as well as the fees required by the country from which you are adopting.

In most cases, the money is paid in increments as you go through the adoption process rather than all at one time in a lump sum.

Check with your accountant or the IRS, because adoptive parents may be eligible for a tax credit of over ten thousand dollars.

There are also government subsidies for those who adopt special needs children who meet certain qualifications.

Children and the Law

How do you enforce visitation rights?

The first thing is there an order set up by the judge for there to be visitations? If so, and you are not getting the visits with your child then you need to contact the court and file a motion for contempt of the visitation order. They will schedule a hearing and may issue a new order. After repeated times of the other parent denying you visits they can lose custody.


How does an adopted male affect a family genealogy lineage?

It makes the adopted family's lineage much more interesting. It depends where the adopted male lives and in most places you can find out who your biological parents are (the mother being more easily traced.) In most cases it's adviseable (at least here in Canada) because of health records and the "gene pool."

The adopted male IS part of the family, but it makes it all the more interesting to find out about the biological parents (no disgrace in having to give up your child if you are too young ... and some other reasons as well) and is added into your adopted family's genealogy. Very interesting and this person should be proud to add a little zip to the family tree!

Merry Christmas Marcy

This is a follow-up to my original question. I realise an adopted person is both emotionally and legally part of the family but they are not "blood" members. Does this fact have any genealogical impact on the branch of the family tree it which they are located? In other words is a classic genealogical lineage based on legal connections or blood lines or does it matter?

Usually when a child is adopted into a family, that is indicated on the chart with the word adopted. Otherwise, their heritage is the same as a blood member of the family. Adopted children are just as much descendants as biological descendants.


Can you adopt more than one child at a time?

Yes. In the majority of the cases it pertains to siblings. It is preferable that children of the same family remain together. Therefore the court gives special attention to those type of adoptions.

It really depends on whether or not it is determined that you can financially support more than one.

In the case of intercountry adoptions, the government of the child's country makes the rules. For example, China does not allow the adoption of more than one child at a time except in the case of twins - which are rare. Many countries seem to go with the one child at a time policy.

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Why did Juno give her baby up for adoption?

Juno was going to have an abortion but couldn't go through with it. However she still felt like she didn't want the child herself and put it up for adoption

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Children and Divorce

How expensive is adoption when you want to adopt your wife's children?

It won't be nearly a expensive as adopting a child from an agency or a foreign country. But you should find a lawyer who deals with this and have the appropriate paperwork drawn up to make it legal. The best way to find a good, reasonably priced lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask around to people who have done this. OR try the yellow pages for lawyers who make adoptions legal and permenent. Call a few different ones, give them the bare-bones facts and choose one that you feel comfortable with and fits your budget. !

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How can you tell if you're pregnant without taking a test because you don't want your mom to know and you had sex 13 days before your cycle is supposed to start?

Here are some signs that you may be pregnant... 1. Tender, swollen Breast 2. Fatigue feeling tired 3. Implantation bleeding Red spotted or pink or reddish brown staining 4. Nausea or vomiting 5. Increase sensitivity odors 6. Food aversions finding certain food use to injoy become repulsive to you 7. frequent urination 8. A missed period 9. body tempture stays high 10 Positive hometest 11. Just feeling pregnant 12. Bloating 13. headaches 14. vaginal discharge 15. heartburn 16. Darkening of the areola 17. changes intaste and smell 18. constipation 19. abdominal cramps 20. mood swings you may have some of these and not all of these or may not have any and could still be pregnant but here are some signs. See if there is a free clinic where you can take a free pregnancy test there.

AnswerGo to planned parent hood and if you don't feel up to telling your mom after the first 2 weeks,make sure your baby's health wont be harmed by making the choice to keep it secret...and remember,eventually you'll start to show. The best choice is to tell her,its easier to have help from someone that close to you that's been there. Answer:There is no age limit on pregnancy tests so take one so you find out early or you will rtun out of options! Wauiting for signs means nothing. It can be your period on the way since many symptoms are the same as pregnancy. You can also imagening it.
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Where can you put a baby up for adoption?

There are two options. The child can be reliquished to the care of juvenile social services and become a ward of the court. Or a private attorney who specializes in adoption and is registered as such with the court of jurisdiction. Some states allow private adoption agencies which are licensed and bonded by the state, to assist both the adoptive parents and the parent(s) who is giving up custody.

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