Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson is a country music singer-songwriter, his many awards include Top Male Vocalist, Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year, Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. In April 2010, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All questions concerning Alan Jackson can be found here.

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Who was the other woman in Alan Jackson's life?


I don't think the woman he had an affair with was discuss personally especially in the scandal that went on. In my own opinion Privacy is what people deserved. It's not our life nor our problem, so by this I think people needs to understand why we all want some privacy about our personal life, don't you agree?

How old is Alan Jackson?

Alan Jackson is 56 years old (birthdate: October 17, 1958).

Is Alan Jackson a Democrat or republican?

He's a democrat and he loves our president.

What type of cancer did Alan Jackson's wife have?

Alan Jackson and his wife, Denise, sat down for an interview with GAC's Backstory. In the interview, they discussed their 32-year marriage and disclosed the fact that Denise battled cancer in 2010. However, the couple never disclosed what type of cancer it was Denise had.

Did one of Alan Jackson's sisters die?

Alan Jackson, the fifth child (and the only boy) to Eugene Jackson and Ruth Musick, has four older sisters. Diane, Connie, and twins Cathy and Carol are all currently alive and well. No, Alan Jackson did not lose a sister. If your inquiry is based on his motivation for writing Sissy's Song, it's not about the death of one of his sisters. It was inspired by the death of a friend of the family named Leslie Fitzgerald. Everyone called her Sissy, and she was killed in a motorcycle accident, and the tragedy hit the family hard (as well as provided a springboard for the song).

Was Alan Jackson ever shot?

Yes, twice in the chest and once in the right leg

Who are All artists who sang My funny valentine?

There's too many to name. Almost any singer from the 1930's, when the song was written, who sang standards. So pick any big name singer from that era and I guarantee, they sang that song. Biggest examples I can think are #1 Judy Garland, who made it famous in the movie of the musical from which it came "Babes in Arms." But try Sinatra, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald. But a total, definitive count of everyone would be very difficult to get. Easily over 100; maybe even 500.

Who did Alan Jackson have an affair?

Yes he did with Faith Hill and he also rumored to father her first child. She was pregnant when she married Tim McGraw and did not know which was the father.

Who is Alan Freedman?

Alan Freedman is the founder of the Computer Language Company. He is the foremost computer lexicographer in the U.S.

How many kids does Alan Jackson have?

Both Wikipedia and IMDB say that he has three daughters.

How tall is Alan Colmes?

On the November 18, 2008 Hannity & Colmes show, Hannity asked Colmes after Colmes' interview with Magic Johnson how tall Alan is and he said "6 feet".

How was it known that lee ann womack was the woman who Alan Jackson had an affair with?

I heard it was faith hill before she married tim. It most def was Faith Hill, and her first daughter could poss be Alan's. She was over 2 months pregnant when she married Tim.