The Republic of Albania is one of Greece's southern European neighbors. In 2009, the country applied for European Union membership. Typical questions relate to Albania's ancient ruins, Communist and Islamic past, emerging modern urban culture, farm based economy, forested and mountainous geography, and widespread literacy and multilingualism.

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How do you say good luck in Albanian?

"paç fat" or "fat te mbarë"


How do you say i love you my friend in Albanian?

If you need to say I love you in a more intemate meaning you would usally say, "Te dua shok" to a male friend and "Te dua shoqe" to a female freind.

A very common used expression in Albanian is "Te kam Xhan" it is sounds like [djan:]. This is used to show effection wiothout confuzing it with romantic love. You can say "Te kam Xhan" to a friend, relative, parents, kids...etc.

Acronyms & Abbreviations

What does ce mean in history?

It stands for Common Era, and is one half of a system of measuring time - the opposite is BCE, which means Before Common Era. It is gradually replacing BC and AD as a way of classifying years. The present year is 2011 CE.

It can also stand for "Christian Era;" perhaps more accurately. There was no sudden commonality in the world at 1CE.


How do you say see you soon in albanian?

shihemi se shpejti


How do you say happy new year in Albanian?

urime viti i ri

gëzuar vitin e ri

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in Albania?

The official language is Albanian, there are two main dialects Gheg and Tosk. A dialect of Greek is spoken with Aromanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Gorani and Roma.
The official language of Albania is Albanian.

History of Europe

Are Albanians slavs?

No, Albanians are not Slavs. Albanian is an ethnicity previously known as Illyrians, and later Albans (this is why we are still known as Alban-ians). They have lived in the same land forever, and haven't traveled much. Early Illyrian archeology dates back to Roman and Greek times, slaves come in Balkans much later.

Albanian History is well recorded in Byzantine, Vatican, Ottoman and Venician records.

There are more than 1,000 Albanian - Byzantine political, academic and military figures and a very rich Albanian-Roman cultural heritage. From 4th to 10th century, all the Imperial Dynasties that ruled Byzantium were Illyrian or Albanian.

For example, the oldest monasteries and Churches ( orthodox and Catholic) in Balkans are found in Albanian lands, including here Kosovo, which has 95% Albanian-Byzantine heritage. Just because the Albanians there changed the religion, does not mean they gave that heritage to someone else.

There are more than 1,000 books written by foreign scholars and Albanologs about Albanians and there are hundreds of Records where Albanians are called Illyrians in Byzantine records.

The biggest masterpiece written about Albanians is the book divided in 4 volumes and with more than 4,000 pages called '' Illyricum Sacrum'' , written in 1704 and ordered by the Albanian Pope, Klement XI.


I love you too in Albanian?

edhe unë të dua

Germany in WW2
History of Germany
Adolf Hitler

Why did Hitler defend albanians has he consider them as a pure race too?

It is believed that Hitler (or the group behind the name) traced all origins of the Europe population (meaning white race), resulting that it had only 3 sources of true European "blood". The theory is based on the stream of Germanic cultures (Germany, Scandinavians, etc) and Latin cultures (France, Spain, Italy, etc), to make a point, one needs to understand that all those cultures have a Latin based language, and Latin itself is mysteriously birth located in ancient Greece. Greece comes up surprisingly but there was always a lack of connection between present and ancient Greeks, also late researches say that the Latin language was created as a key for enter the Senate or Parliament, in other words, it was only spoken there (call it a political language), meaning that the whole area (from present Greece to Slovenia) must have spoken a different language, this is where Albania comes into part.

Hitler's indirect respect for population came also from German linguistics who were fascinated by the Albanian language and concluded that the language inherits more mystery than it is known, some researches even describe it as a melodically language, and i can confirm from personal experiences, Albanian speaking people can learn any language at least twice faster than any other language speaking person, they do have all the notes and tones a language world wide consists, therefore even Hitler must have been surprised how old this Language could have been.

Also, with all due respect, Hitler contained a good amount of history documentation, for example he had a copy of the Qu'ran which dated back to 800 (AD). He also had documents confirming that Scotland, Ireland, Welsh (all the Anglo culture) have mysterious songs and belief that their ancestors, the Celts, were pushed away from home by the Romans. Now to clear this out, Celts and other small tribes were neighbors of the Illyria, and you don't need more information than the history of war itself to see who co-lived in peace. It was only Rome who always created problems in Europe, meaning that Illyria somehow had relations with the other tribes, which, again, opens a theory that the Ancient Pelasgia must have been split into tribes, tribes like the giant Illyria, Celtics, Traci's, Hellenic's and later Macedonians and Epirots (note, all of these tribes spoke a 99% similar language, and the only language on that area that never died is Albanian).

This answers the race question though nothing remained pure on it due to Ottoman and Slavic offensives (keep in mind, those two cultures have very far away locations from where they keep saying they own land). Unfortunately i cannot answer the DEFEND part since Hitler never defended someone else rather then himself and Germans, but what i can tell you is that he wanted the nationalism of Albanians in Germans, but i must say he misunderstood that nationalism, again let me talk personally, i have never met people more kind and hospital than Albanians, they define Patriotism/Nationalism in such a peaceful way but only due to being remembered and having a safe future, they are people who would never ever declare war nor hurt other nations, i am very proud of having children with half of their DNA from their Albanian mother.

Languages and Cultures
Colleges and Universities

Where can you find the official State Literature exam grades in Albania for 2011?

(See the Related link to the Ministry of Education Albania.)


What are some inventions Albania has?

There are many inventions from Albanian scientists. I think the most popular one, is the anti rust paint for metal. This is a very high quality paint with extremely low cost used in ships, boats, submarines, bridges'legs...etc. This anti rust paint ironically is made out of rust, and it was invented by two Albanian teenagers.

Some medications are invented in Albania too. A doctor called Arqile Boti invented 3 different medication to cure 3 different diseases. The medication was 100% natural (it was all a mixture of herbs). He received a few prizes in USA for his invention.


What does nashta in albanian mean?

Russian Prostitute Russian Prostitute


Pyetjet e testit te semi matures 2010?

No. I was looking for 2011,


How do you say Saturday in Albanian?

E Shtune sounds like [e: sh t u n]


Are albanians caucasian?

i guess most of them

Parenting and Children

How old the albanian people?

millions of years old


Anbasada ne shkup suedeze per dorzimin e vizave dukumentat e duhura per bashkim familjar?

kemy dy t'smuar nga kosova qe don t'sherohen n'suedi a mundet t'ket viza pe kta persona

Languages and Cultures

Do you speak albanian?

yes, i speak albanian

Importing and Exporting

Ku mund te gjej mallra shqiptare per export ne angli?

jam nje djale qe me pelqen te shkoj ne angli

Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

When did King Zog I of Albania die?

King Zog I of Albania died on April 9, 1961 at the age of 65.

Desserts, Snacks, and Treats
Ingredient Substitutions
Cornflour and Cornstarch

What are the traditional ingredients for Albanian cornstarch halva?

Butter, cornstarch, sugar and water are the traditional ingredients in Albania's cornstarch halva dessert.

Specifically, the word "halva" is a loan word in the Albanian language. It comes from the Arabic word that means "sweet." The dish so designated is indeed a popular sweet treat to all ages.

Sugar is stirred into water and brought to a boil. The mixture will continue to be cooked over high heat until a long thread may be spun with the thoroughly combined and heated ingredients.

Butter is melted separately. It will be used to sauté the cornstarch until the mixture turns yellow. At that point, sugar is mixed in carefully. The syrup from the other container then is stirred in with a wooden spoon until the entire mixture thickens.

The dessert is served in individual serving size dessert cups. It is a favorite dish that presents itself well hot or cold.

Divorce and Marriage Law

How do you get divorce from Albanian?

Just like you would do with non-Albanians.


Pse ne kosovë ka shumë kështjella dhe kur jan ndertuar?

Pse ne kosov ka shum keshtjella ? 1.Sepse keshtjellat dihet se sherbejn per mbrojtje nga armiqet ne luft dhe duke marrur parasysh qe kosova ka qen gati gjithmon ne luft ne kosov ka ardhur nevoja qe te ndertohen sa me shum keshtjella me qellim per mbrojtje nga armiqet e kosoves.

2.Kur jan ndertuar keto keshtjella? : Keto keshtjella jan ndertuar kryesisht gjat luftes me perandorin osmane por ka keshtjella qe kan egzistuar qysh nga koherat e ilirisë nje shembull eshte ULPIANA .....


How do you say love in albanian?

love in albanian:


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