Ammonia (also known as azane), is a compound of both hydrogen and nitrogen and it is known for its distinctive smell.

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Is ammonia bad for the environment?

No,as it is helpful in Haber's Process.


What is the density of anhydrous ammonia?

817 kg/m3 as a solid, 681.9 kg/m3 as a liquid, 0.86 kg/m3 at its boiling point, and 0.73 kg/m3 at 15 °C.


What hair colors have no ammonia or peroxide?

The only hair coloring I have found with NO peroxide and NO ammonia is Loving Care. I like to use a shade just a little lighter to cover the gray hair and not change the light brown color of my natural color. This gives a two-toned NATURAL look to my hair!

I believe Natural Instincts DOES have peroxide or something like it in the lighter shades. It totally bleached out my light brown hair so I know this is true!

I had to let it grow out. I didn't want to change hair color, only wanted to

cover the gray hairs with a blond color. So do NOT do this with Natural Instincts.


How do you convert urea to ammonia?

well you could add bleach, but that would just release the ammonia as a gas


What happens when you combine bleach and ammonia?

When you combine bleach and ammonia, the two react to form many toxic products, including chloramine, dichloramine, nitrogen trichloride and hydrazine. But, if the reaction goes through all the way, it forms non-toxic nitrogen. The equation is as followed:

NH3+NaOCl --> NH2Cl+NaOH

NH2Cl+NaOCl --> NHCl2+NaOH

NHCl2+NaOCl --> NCl3+NaOH

NH3+NH2Cl+NaOH --> N2H4+NaCl+H2O

N2H4+2NH2Cl --> 2NH4Cl+N2

I would not recommend it unless you have proper safety equipment, a fume hood and are doing it under supervision of a experienced chemist.


How do you make ammonium phosphate from ammonia?

3hno3 + h3po4 ->(nh4)3po4


Is ammonia or vinegar more acidic?

An acid is a substance which releases H+ ions when dissolved in water (i.e when in aqueous state).

Vinegar is a an acid, with a pH of about 2. On the other hand, ammonia is a weak base, with a pH of about 9.

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Can liquid ammonia be used as fertilizer for your lawn?

yes . liquid ammonia can be used as a fertilizer for your lawn , you must be very sure that you dilute it to 3/4 water and 1/4 ammonia or it will eat your grass and kill

As a point of fact, Fritz Haber was the first chemist to make ammonia in the form we know it to this day, back in 1915. They claimed to have made it as a fertilizer, but it was really used to make mustard gas and explosives during World War I. Ironically, Haber was Jewish, and these gases were used to exterminate Jews, forcing him to flee his native Germany.


What color is liquid ammonia?



Why does your urine smell like ammonia?

We who work in Urology sees this all the time. When urine smells of ammonia it means you have a urine infection. It's treated with antibiotics so see your doctor.

Urine is high in nitrates, compounds high in nitrogen and oxygen. Ammonia is made up of nitrogen and hydrogen. (NH3) What you are smelling is the high concentration of bonded nitrogen.

Normally, diluted urine doesn't have much odor. If you're dehydrated and your urine becomes highly concentrated, it can have a strong ammonia smell. (Source - Mayo Clinic)

As a general precaution, If you are smelling ammonia in your urine, it would not be a bad idea to go to your general practitioner (family doc) and have a hepatic function panel done to rule out serious liver issues.

In our urine, Ammonia acts as an absorber and leads to water absorption.


How can you cure an ammonia?

Ammonia is not cured. But you may be referencing the lung infection called pneumonia (pronounced "New-monya").

See the related question below for an answer to that question.


Is ammonia a disinfectant?

Ammonia is a disinfectant. It is a harsh disinfectant, so should be used only on inanimate objects, and should be rinsed thoroughly after use. It should never be combined with bleach in the cleaning process.


Why ammonia is used in iron limit test?

purple colour of ferrous thioglycolate is formed only when alkaline medium is maintained, it can be done by using dil.ammonia in presence of citric acid.


What is the difference between liquor Ammonia and Liquid Ammonia?

Liquor ammonia is a blend of ammonia, water, and other materials. It's a by-product of some petroleum distillation processes. Liquid ammonia (agriculture users usually call it anhydrous ammonia) is pure ammonia (NH3) gas chilled and condensed into its liquid form.


Does ammonia kill germs?

I f Ammonia products don't claim on their labels that they kill germs, it's because they can NOT kill germs.


Does cat urine have ammonia in it?

Yes they do which is the cause for the rancid and unpleasent smell left behind.


What is the pH of household ammonia?

Household ammonia has a pH of 11.5 to 12.5


Is ammonia-d a disinfectant?

I emailed SC Johnson because I could not find this chemical name anywhare either.


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Why Aniline is less basic then ammonia?

Since aniline N has a lone pair of electrons to dislocate in aromatic system (PI), it has less donating stability then ammonia.



Does ammonia keep mice away?

Yes ammonia can do that. It is toxic for rats.


What is ammonia bicarbonate?

Ammonia bicarbonate is nothing at all (nor is ammonia carbonate).

Ammonium bicarbonate is a real chemical, and it has formula NH4HCO3 (the combination of ammonium ion (NH4+) and the bicarbonate ion (HCO3-).

Ammonium carbonate is a similar chemical with formula (NH4)2CO3, and is the combination of 2 NH4+ ions with one carbonate ion (CO32-).


Where is ammonia found in nature?

Pigeon droppings... its natural!


What is the difference between ammonia and anhydrous ammonia and ammonium hydroxide?

Anhydrous ammonia is really just ammonia in fact. "Anhydrous" means without water, and anhydrous ammonia is just pure ammonia without water.

It is to distinguish it from ammonia in water solutions because when added to water ammonia forms ammonium hydroxide:

NH3 + H2O ---> NH4+ + OH-

Ammonium hydroxide is frequently referred to as ammonia because you make it by adding ammonia to water, but it isn't really ammonia. It is much more commonly though because it is easier to handle (ammonia is a gas).

See the Web Links for more information about ammonia.


What are the uses of ammonia?

Ammonia solutions are used for disinfecting food and surfaces, and ammonia-based cleaners for glass and windows.

Ammonia compounds such as ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate are widely used as fertilizers, and ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer when mixed with fuel oil in the explosives ANFO and ANNM.

Ammonia gas is used for the production of nitric acid, for industrial refrigeration, and to remove sulfur from the emissions of fossil fuel power plants.


What does nitric acid and ammonia make?

Ammonium nitrate: NH4NO3


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