Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011) was an English soul singer, well-known for her powerful voice, as well as her ongoing struggle with substance abuse.

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Amy Winehouse

How tall is Amy Winehouse?

She is 5'3" Also RIP, Baby Girl

Amy Winehouse

Why did Amy Winehouse take bad drugs?

because her doctor told her 2

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Amy Winehouse

What do waves carry?

energy, and water

Amy Winehouse

What age was Amy Winehouse before her death?

She was 27 at the age of her passing, RIP, Beautiful ! amy xx

Amy Winehouse

What was Amy Winehouse's middle name?

Amy winehouse's middle name is jade

Amy Winehouse

Where did Amy Winehouse go to school?

2 schools in north london


secondary:ashmole (i go there)

Amy Winehouse

What was Amy winehouse's childhood like?

Troubled - she got in trouble a lot.

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Amy Winehouse

Who wrote the lyrics to Amy winehouse's back to black?

Amy winehouse and mark ronson are the songwriters of that song. My guess is Amy did.

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Amy Winehouse

California mother attempts to kill son then tries to commit suicide she is now in hospital can she be arrested?

you betcha, illness does not annull a crime unless it is mental. you betcha, illness does not annull a crime unless it is mental. you betcha, illness anulls a crime only if it is mental illness

Amy Winehouse

Is it true Amy Winehouse has bipolar manic depression?

Actually, the term Bipolar has replaced the old termed Manic-depression. There have been comments around that Winehouse has said she was bipolar, but I have yet to see that confirmed.

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Amy Winehouse

Where does Amy Philbin live?

Does Amy Philbin have a relationship with her Dad, and where does she live? i dont know it is a mystery

Amy Winehouse

Did Amy Winehouse have a good relationship with her father?

Yes, she mentions him in all her past interviews and it was said that she was/is "daddy's little girl". Amy flies in paradise.

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Amy Winehouse

Who sing Amy dumas entrance video?

The band that sing the song is " boy hits car" and the song is "lovefurypassionenergy"

Amy Winehouse

Who is Amy winehouse?

Amy Winehouse was a famous singer who won plenty of awards for her intellegent singing! She had black hair and always used to wear a bee hive on her head if you know what that is. She wore iconic makeup, expressive, elegant clothing and appeared on many headlines which gave her a bad name when actually, she didnt ask for accaptance, especially not from press, she did her own thing that made her happy, many people do what she did e.g Drinking and drug taking, accept, she had papparazzi stalking 24/7, but was she a bad person? did she really do anything offensive to you or me? No, she delivered great music and was rightly awarded, she even did some cloth modelling for Ralph Lauren, so you judgemental, know it-all's tell me how she is a bad influence please.

Sadly on the 23rd of July 2011 she passed away from consitant use of alchohol over the years and it finally took its toll. this was origionally someone elses answer but mines about a year longer and frankly, more justified. GET EDUCATED IF YOU WANNA MAKE A DEAD LEDGEND PROUD TO HAVE LIVED. sick ****'s.

Amy Winehouse

Did Amy Winehouse drop her baby?

She actually did, when she passed away she was in the process of adopting a beautiful african girl, from st. lucia!

Amy Winehouse

What nicknames did Amy Winehouse go by?

And She went by oinka!

Amy Winehouse

Does Amy Winehouse snore?

She did in fact, actually snore! RIP , Mrs Winehouse love you baby!

Amy Winehouse

Did Amy winehouse have an funeral open casket?

No... Only because of her Jewish religion Amy Winehouse did not have an open casket as her grandmother did not as well whom her ashes were hurried next to. They were both cremated directly after the funeral at the same crematorium and hurried. There are photos posted of her green urn held by her bodyguards before the burrial and pics of her tombstone. I am her #1 American fan and miss her dearly and will always love her. Her death was the most difficult "celebrity" death for me ever.

Amy Winehouse

What is Amy Winehouse's favorite song?

Amy Winehose's favourite song is Valerie

Amy Winehouse

Was Amy Winehouse addicted to heroin?

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Amy Winehouse

What was Amy Winehouse's hair style called?

Generally it was a bouffant or a beehive.

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Amy Winehouse

What does the following lyric from Amy Winehouse's Back To Black mean Im a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside?

It's some sort of drug reference

If you knew anything you would know it is not a drug reference... watch the movie Ghost... or maybe look up the unchained melody..righetous brothers on you tube. make sure it is the "ghost verison" 1990 movie. then you will understand. it means she feels dead to him...romantic reference to a touching song

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