Animal Crossing City Folk

The third version of Animal Crossing, only available for the Nintendo Wii. Animal Crossing: City Folk features a city to which your character can travel as well as find new bugs, fish, fossils, clothes and furniture.

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How do you get a CD in Animal Crossing City Folk?

Go to the roost on Saturday nights after 8pm. On the stage there will be a white dog called Totakeke or K.K. Slider. Let him play you a song. Afterwards, he will give you a copy of that song for free.

Where is the fountain in Animal Crossing City Folk?

To get a fountain in your town, you have to save up 200,000 bells and let your town build another bridge. After the bridge is built and the Civic Centre allows you to start donating again, save up 400,000 bells and donate that too. Your town will then build a fountain.

This fountain is especially useful for throwing axes in to you can get a silver or a gold axe.

What happens when you tear down houses in animal crossing?

The person who owns the house is gone, and with all of their stuff. EVERYTHING!

What kind of color is brown warm or cool?

Brown is a share of orange. If you add more red to the orange you get a reddish brown, and if you add more yellow to the orange you get a yellowish brown. In all cases this would be considered warm.

What time does wisp come on Animal Crossing City Folk?

(I have an empty lamp. I honestly haven't tried finding wisp yet. But I have heard he comes on Monday nights usually. Sometimes he comes random days. And I have heard many different times of the day he may come out at. I would say he would come out anywhere between 10:00pm-4:00 am sorry that's all I can tell you! Thank you very much for reading I can answer a lot of more questions just contact my email ( thank you! a

What is the most affordable way to send a 9-year-old child to visit a relative in another city?

Uaually by plane actually. Trains are usually more expensive and buses aren't safe enough. Book the flight well in advance and be flexible about the date and time. This will help get the cheapest ticket. Also let the airline know when you purchse the ticket that it is for a child and they will help make sure he is safe, doesn't miss any connecting flights and finds his way around the airport okay. And get him an ID at the DMV airlines like photo IDs and it will make boarding much much easier for everyone.

When do you get Jacobs Ladders in your town on Animal Crossing Wild World?

In Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS, you get Jacob's Ladders when your town is ranked "perfect". P.S. In case any one's wondering, no Jacob's ladder is not a ladder! It's a flower! P.P.S. You can find out if your town is ranked perfect if you go to the town hall and talk to Pelly when your on the green mat, and ask her about "environment" then she reads comments the animals have said. If they're like "This town is great!" or something like that, ten your town is most likely ranked "perfect"

When does the turnip lady leave in Animal Crossing City Folk?

She only comes on Sundays, so when it turns 12:00, she will leave.

What animal is the oldest?

Harriet, a giant Galapagos Land tortoise and the world's oldest living creature, celebrates her 175th birthday on November 15.

How do you lock your door on Animal Crossing City Folk?

you cant

you can only unlock it when someone is over in your town

Animal Crossing City Folk Sizes of Fish?

Sizes are only used in Competitions (like the fishing Tournament), they are fairly Random and are only used then.

Who is Blathers in Animal Crossing?

Blathers the owl is a bright one who runs the museum pretty much by himself. He can check fossils for you and accept any donations. He holds an index of all the items in the museum (there's fish, bug, painting and dinosaur bone sections). Blathers is very smart, but when it comes to bugs he is extremely squeamish. Blathers cannot stand bugs, so if you give him one to display prepare for a squeal or two.

What was animal crossing called in japan?

You used the word "was" meaning they no longer call it that therefore you're probably on about Animal Forest on the N64.

How do you go out on Animal Crossing City Folk?

First you need wifi, then you will need a friend or relative who also has wifi. Once this is done, you must both go to Copper and click "Friend Code." This will get you a 12 digit friend code. Go to friends on the menu at the bottom of the screen and select add friend, input whatever your friend's friend code is, and they must also input yours, once this is done you should both have each other listed in your friends.

To go out, you must both be online and you must choose where to go, you friend can come to your city, or you can go to theirs, if you want your friend to come to yours you must ask cooper to "Invite guests." This will begin the gate opening procedure, you friend must then go to Copper and say "I wanna go out!" this is then connect you to Nintendo wifi and all towns in your friend list will be searched for open gates, they can then choose which open gate town they would like to visit. If you want to visit their town, vise versa.

When you have your gate open such tasks such as visiting the city are disabled and when you have guests over you cannot perform tasks such as donating to the museam and more.

What do you do to get wisp on animal crossing GameCube?

Wait until (or time travel to) around 1-4 in the morning. Look around everywhere and there's a possibility you'll find Wisp. If you do find him, he'll ask you to catch 5 spirits for him with your net before 4-5 o clock. catch all of them and he will grant you a wish.

When do you find wisp lamp on Animal Crossing City Folk?

On a random day any time of year. Then you can see Wisp on some Monday nights.

Animal Crossing when to dig out red turnip?

No more that a week later because then they rot I left mine for 1 month then a new person moved in and their house was on top of it...