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Questions about the well being and health of animals go here. How to help and prevent sickness and injury and what to do about it when it happens.

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What structure in paramecium control reproduction?

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The micronucleus controls reproduction in the Paramecium.
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What is it called when two animals help each other?

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Altruism, kin selection, coorporation, mutualism, social contracts (some social species have this sort of thing). All are examples.
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What is a physical adaptation?

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A characteristic or modification in an animal's body that helps it survive in its habitat example: a Wolf has fur.
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What are the behavioral adaptations for the flamboyant cuttlefish?

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They have startle displays in response to predators and they have three layers of skin photophores that change in response to background colors and patterns to mimic their environment.
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What are the reactants of the Krebs cycle?

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What are the following components of the Krebs cycle? A. reactants (1 point) B. products (3 points)
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How does variation within a species increases its chance to survive when the environment changes?

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The differing traits provided by variation mean that at least some groups of the species may be better prepared to survive.
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What proteins might be associated with DNA in the cell?

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Histones are proteins which are associated with DNA and from nucleosomes, which pack the DNA. Transcription factors, proteins involved in DNA synthesis, replication...
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What are the applications of biostatistics?

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Biostatistics or biometry is a mashup of mathematical and biological sciences. Biostatistics are essential in public health, clinical trials, and biological sequence analysis and agricultural applications.
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How long is a turkey pregnant for?

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Turkeys do not 'get pregnant'. They lay eggs.
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Do Marine biologists work in a group or alone?

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sometimes marine biologists work in groups aqnd sometimes alone
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Habitat of fungi?

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Fungi can be found in any habitat but it usually grows in moist, humid and temperate environments. Over 80% of fungi are found associated with trees.
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What do you call animals that eat producers?

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What do u call a animal that eats producers
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Why can't mules reproduce?

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When a female horse and a male donkey mate, you get a mule, but two mules can’t mate to create another mule because of their chromosomal makeup. A mule gets 32 horse chromosomes from its mother and 31 donkey chromosomes from its father. Mules are almost always sterile because those chromosomes don’t match up well enough to create egg or sperm cells. I say “almost always” because there have been a few extremely rare instances of female mules reproducing with a male donkey or horse. But those are so rare they’re often called “miracles,” and there have been no documented instances of a male mule fathering any offspring. So, as far as we know, two mules cannot reproduce.
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What animal is most graceful?

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The most graceful animal is the swan.
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What is in a turtle food chain or web?

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in the turtle food chain there is an alligator. and fish. the alligator eats the turtle and the turtle provides for the fish by letting them feed off of the ales on the shell. also turtles eat some fish. they also eat insects and anything that drops in the water that they can tear up