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What time period did Ansel Adams lived in?

Ansel Adams was born February 20, 1902 and died in 1984.

What type of photography does Ansel Adams do?

Ansel Adams was a photographer, he mostly took pictures of natural things like landscapes and foliage. He is famous for working almost exclusively in black and white.

Where did ansel Adams learn photography?

He was self taught.

His father was a huge inspiration to a young Adams and would, in 1916, buy him his first camera - a Kodak Brownie Box Camera with which he took his first photographs.

What style of art did Ansel Adams use?

Ansel Adams was a photographer who developed the zone system and belonged to the f/64 group, named for the very small aperture setting which allowed for the sharp detail and extreme depth of field present in his photographs.

Did ansel Adams ever use the color camera?

Actually he did use the color system earlier on in his life. Mary Alinder found some of his old color negatives and she asked Ansel if she could produce them and he agreed, but after producing a couple pictures with her husband, Ansel ordered them to stop.

Adams did a lot of color work. He was a consultant for Kodak and Polaroid and tested color materials for both. He also did a lot of commercial work to support himself. He was very old before his black and white fine art work began making him much money. Check out the book, Ansel Adams in Color.

What made Ansel Adams' photography unique?

Ansel Adams was a master of "previsualization" and is considered to be the inventor of the Zone system. Using these two techniques and his sometimes unique perspective, he produced negatives that were technically superior, which resulted in outstanding prints. He seldom had to manipulate his prints in the darkroom to produce the quality that he is famous for.

Ummm... the final line of the above answer is totally incorrect. Ansel was literally famous among photographers for how much time he spent in the darkroom revising his prints. The Zone System got his initial exposures correct, but that's just the starting point, not the finishing point.

Ansel Adams information on the rails and jet trals photo?

  • Date: 1953, printed in 1974
  • Medium: Gelatin silver print
  • Size: 34.3 x 26 cm. (13.5 x 10.2 in.)

How many pictures did ansel Adams take at yosemite?

He took more than half of his pictures in Yosemite. He took over 500 pics in all

Did Ansel Adams take photos of Oregon coast?

Yes he did, and he took hundreds more of the yosemite valley and other areas of north america as well. He took a lot more thna 500 photos as the internet says that was all he took. He literally took thousands of photos.. He was the father of black & white photography and invented what we photographers call the zone system.

What is the photographer Ansel Adams best known for?

== == Ansel Adams is well known for his development of the Zone System, and for his photographs of Yosemite. He was also famous for his actions as an environmenalist.

Did Ansel Adams have any kids?

Yes, Ansel Adams had two children, Michael (born 1933) and Anne (born 1935).

When Ansel Adams died on April 22, 1984, from heart failure aggravated by cancer, he left his wife, Virginia Best Adams, his two children, Michael and Anne, and five grandchildren and his puppy, carrot! Carrot was very sad:(

What kind of cameras did Ansel Adams use?

Adams also was known to pack 100's of pounds of camera and darkroom gear into the wilderness. Adams' photographic gear included: # 8 x 10 view camera, 20 holders, 4 lenses -- 1 Cooke Convertible, 1 ten-inch Wide Field Ektar, 1 9-inch Dagor, one 6-3/4-inch Wollensak wide angle.

# 7 x 17 special panorama camera with a Protar 13-1/2-inch lens and five holders. # 4 x 5 view camera, 6 lenses -- 12-inch Collinear, 8-1/2 Apo[chromatic] Lentar, 9-1/4 Apo[chromatic] Tessar, 4-inch Wide Field Ektar, Dallmeyer telephoto. # Hasselblad camera outfit with 38, 60, 80, 135, & 200 millimeter lenses. # Koniflex 35 millimeter camera. # 2 Polaroid cameras. # 3 exposure meters. One SEI, and two Westons -- in case he dropped one. # Filters for each camera. K1, K2, minus blue, G, X1, A, C5 &B, F, 85B, 85C, light balancing, series 81 and 82. # Two tripods: one light, one heavy. # Lens brush, stopwatch, level, thermometer, focusing magnifier, focusing cloth, hyperlight strobe portrait outfit, 200 feet of cable, special storage box for film. # One ancient, eight-passenger limousine with 5 x 9-foot camera platform on top." # Brownie Box #1 (his 1st camera from 1915-16). # Pocket Kodak # Zeiss Milliflex.

# Zeiss compact 35 millimeter # 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 glass plate camera # Contax II (as mentioned originally by user Chrissyvintage)

What is ansel Adams' nickname?

Ansel Adams had a nickname it was The white and black man

What is ansel Lurio birthday?

His mother never remembered his birth date. All we know is he was born in 1984 in mid september.

Why did ansel Adams become a photographer?

His parents gave him a Kodak Box Brownie Camera and he was inspired by the fact that his parents thought he had potential