Apolo Ohno

Apolo Ohno is a professional speed skater and winner of eight Olympic medals (two gold, two silver, four bronze). Born in 1982, Ohno has been the face of American speed skating since the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

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What does Apolo Ohno attribute his success to - regarding his spectacular wins in the 2010 Winter Olympics?

His lifelong conflict and friendship with his father, who pushed Apolo to greatness from a very early age. The most notable incident is Apolo's first Olympic trial, where despite being a heavy favorite, the 15-year-old finished dead last. Afterwards, his father, who saw that Apolo simply gave up, brought him to a remote cabin on a Washington beach and left him there alone to figure out where he wanted to go in life. After 8 days, Apolo called his father and told him, "I want to skate." So he skated, devoting his entire life to the sport, and now he is a world champion-- thanks in large part to his father, Yuki.

Does Apolo Ohno still live in Seattle?

9762 King Benjamin Dr. South Jordan, Utah 84095

Does Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno still live in Seattle?

Apolo Ohno used to live in Seattle, but then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah after the Olympics, I believe.

He trains locally and some people that live in Utah have had the privilege of meeting him.

Does Apolo Ohno have a brother?

Apolo Ohno has a half brother, also born in May, a full 10 years before Apolo himself was born from Yukihiro Ohno's short relationship with Jerri Lee, Apolo's mother. Yuki's marriage in 1971 was to a woman, ten years younger than Yuki, who was raised in Seattle; they divorced in 1974. Apolo's own mother was less than 19 when Apolo was born, she would have been under 10 years old when Yuki's older son was born. The records of Yuki's marriage and divorce with the mother of his older son, now almost 40 years old, are filed in King County, Washington. The fact that Apolo's brother is ten years older was stated by Apolo, himself, in his 2002 interview covered with Sports Illustrated. See: .. Quote from the SI article: "Meanwhile, none of Apolo's official bios, and none of the stories written about him since 1997 -- when at 14 he became the youngest U.S. short-track champion -- mention that he has a half brother. When the subject is broached, Apolo pauses and then describes the brother as "about 10 years older" and no factor in his upbringing. Asked if the brother lives in Seattle, Apolo says, "I don't know. You're not going to get hold of him." Asked if he speaks with him, Apolo says, "Not at this point." Although various online posts state that Apolo doesn't want to see his older half-brother, that is a mistatement, as you can see, of the above quote. Also, there is continuing speculation the half-brother is the child of Jerri Lee, which is factually untrue and would be nearly physically impossible.

How many medals does apolo ohno have?

2 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze which is a total of 8! A new USA record for speed skating.

UPDATE: Apolo Ohno has 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze for a total of 8. not only is he the most decorated athlete of all the winter events of the USA, he is the most decorated Short Track speed skater internationally as well.

Is Apolo Ohno going to be in the 2014 Olympics?

Apolo Ohno won't be competing in Sochi because he's retired. He will, however, contribute to NBC's coverage as an analyst on speedskating.

Is Apolo Ohno a short-track speed skater or a speed-skater?

Apolo Anton Ohno is a 1000 meter short track speed-skater.

How many gold medals does Apolo Ohno have?

he has two gold medals and also has two silver and four bronze ones

When did Apolo Ohno start speed skating?

apolo ohno started speed skating when he was 12. He also swam, but preferred speed skating. His single dad (divorced parents) encouraged him to play sports to keep him busy.

Is apolo ohno circumcised?

NOPE...he is uncircumcised....the nude photo shoots prove he is intact with guite a long hood

Is Apolo Ohno hot?

Most definitely. That is why electrical fans are on the side of the ice anytime he races. It's to keep things cool and prevent his hotness from melting it.

It's also because he's got looks.

Does Apolo Ohno have a sister?

Yes, she is a half sister, and lives outside Seattle. She is a senior in high school and good at sports. But, that's all I am going to say! They obviously want to remain private.