Art and science of structural design. Architectural responsibilities include both feasibility analysis and aesthetic considerations.

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Why doesn't the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall over?

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The tower hasn’t hit the ground yet because its tapered and slightly curved shape keeps its center of gravity fairly low. That means it can tip quite a bit before toppling. In a more poetic sense, though, the tower was falling over for a long time—albeit very slowly. Its tilt, which was first noticed shortly after construction began in 1173, kept increasing until 1990. That’s when engineers declared that, at a tilt of more than five degrees, it was in danger of collapsing. A team then figured out how to correct the lean, bringing it back to a safe angle. Since then, it’s been getting straighter, believe it or not. The residual effects from the construction meant the angle had decreased another four centimeters by 2018.
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What is a wrap around driveway?

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A wrap around driveway wraps around the house, leading to the garage behind the house (usually the garage would not be visible from the road).
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What is the bottom of a door frame called?

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Threshold. Or a sill Or Soleplate. DOOR SILL as opposed to the term WINDOW SILL. OR DOOR STEP. A Soleplate is more correctly, the piece of timber (usually about 50mmthick) placed in the soil and beneath a timber or concrete Stump of a house. It is typically 200 x 300mm and made from Red Gum or Jarrah so that it lasts a long time in the damp ground. (USA answer) The bottom of a door frame is usually called the threshold or doorsill. A sole plate is the first piece of wood that lays flat on its widest face at the bottom of a stud wall. Studs (usually 2x4's or 2x6's) rest vertically on the sole plate. It may be made of pressure treated wood to prevent decay or a specie that resists decay naturally such as cedar, or cypress, or redwood. Corrected in this answer: The plate that rests on top of a foundation wall is called the sill plate (not sole plate).
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How do skyscrapers affect the environment?

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They affect the environment lots of ways, for example, building a skyscraper where you can plant a tree can definently affect the environment or a controlled demolitions can cause debris and dust take away some fresh air. If we build up rather than out, thereby increasing the population density of an area, some of the effects are: (1) Land is available for use other than housing the people who live or work in the skyscraper and for businesses that are quartered there. (2) Some services, such as water supply, waste disposal, food delivery, retail goods, and repair services, are more efficiently provided. (3) Mass transit--if that goal is sought--is feasible, as it is not in rural, sparsely populated areas. (4) Health facilities and educational services can be more advanced, more varied, and more accessible than they are in rural areas.
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What does the abbreviation SKA mean in architecture?

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SKA is a sketch made by the architect. It is also sometimes referred to as ASK. Sketches are usually assigned a number. ASK's or SKA's become part of the contract documents. They are necessary to describe something in a drawing without having to issue or reissue large sheets. SKS's are sketches made by the structural engineer, SKM's are made by the mechanical engineer, SKE's the by electrical engineer, etc.
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What are the major constraints under which designers of a building must work?

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zoning laws where building will be built, time in which project must be completed, and withing the budget of the client
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What is tot-lot in the site plan?

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Tot meaning toddler like young child... lot as in park So its a park for toddlers :)
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What does the lectern represent?

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In a church it is simply a bookrest on which a Bible is kept and from where readings from the Bible are read. In any lecture hall or similar place, lecterns are used to hold a speaker's notes or speech.
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How is drafting used today?

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Drafting is still used to design everything from Apple crate's to Zippo lighter's. It is much easier for non artist types to get into Architecture now with the new programs for computers one example being Auto-Cad. If you meant the Draft (military service) It is used in many countries to ready the people for battle. It's most commonly used in Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is not used at this time in the United States but it can be brought back at any time, as soon by the fact that all persons in the United States that reach the age of 18 yrs old MUST sign the draft card and send it in to the U.S. government.
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What is the meaning of the 5 point star on a house?

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I believe the stars you are talking about are actually support structures. If so, they occur in areas at high risk to hurricanes -often those near the ocean. They are actually put there as decoration to hide the bolts that protrude from the building to attach crosswise support beams to the house. These are to create a solid center for the building to be flexible around in the high winds of a hurricane. ===================================================== These stars are usually found on older structures. Basically it serves as a washer to spread the load over a larger area. It is placed at the end of a rod, often to tie a wood floor system to the outside masonry wall. In this case they will appear at the level of the second floor. If there are more than two floors, there may be another set at the third floor level. The star shape is merely a means to make it look better than a flat plate.
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What do American homes look like today?

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The average American home is Ranch style, single story, 3 bedrooms,1 bathroom, and has 1300-1500 sq. ft. of living space. ============================================== The above would be typical of homes constructed in the southeastern USA in the 70's and 80's, but not as common today. Today you are more likely to find bungalows and two story cottages, and you would rarely see a home built today that doesn't have at least 2 baths. Styles vary in other parts of the country.
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What was the purpose of the flying buttress?

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Flying buttresses support the outer walls in structures with very high walls and transfer the load (from roof/ceiling bearing on the upper portion of the wall) to the buttress, which acts as an arch transferring that load to the ground. Large cathedrals with high walls and arched windows of unreinforced stone employed them for strength. In a spiritual sense, they the flying buttresses were supposed to elevate people's thoughts to God and the angels above them.
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What is haptic Architecture?

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haptic architecture promotes slowness and intimacy, appreciated and comprehended gradually as images of the body and the skin
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If you have 7 sticks make it 24 without bending breaking them?

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Arrange the sticks as XXIV (Roman Number of 24)
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Can you be accurate but not precise?

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Yes you can be accurate but not precise and vice versa. Think about trying to hit the bull's eye of a dart board or target. You could throw a dart 5 times and hit the same spot 5 times (very precise) but hit far away from the center (not very accurate). You could throw 5 times and get near the center (accurate) but never hit the same spot (not precise).
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Are architects intelligent?

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The jury is still out on this one. Seriously though, a good level of intelligence is required to become qualified as an architect. There seems to be an unwillingness to acknowledge that other building professionals, skilled trades in particular, can have a contribution to make as part of the overall building team. =========================================== Architects I have known are more artistic than knowledgeable about building construction. It's a little more difficult to draw a conclusion about their intelligence.
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Where you can buy cheap fake Roman columns?

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You can get little plastic ones used for wedding cakes at party supply and craft stores. If you are referring to full size for, say, a house porch, check with a building supply. There are companies who do manufacture them from a plastic/resin and a building supply should be able to point you in the right direction.
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When was the shed invented?

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It is hard to pin down an exact invention date, but the word and the idea were being used as far back as the 1440s, according to Wikipedia. Answer In harder times, people built one small building, separated by a short wall, where both people and their animals lived. This enabled them both to keep warm in the hard winters. Root cellars were used to keep fruit, vegetables and seeds until the winter or the next planing season. Sheds probably appeared as people became more prosperous and all of their tools or other needs would not fit into the primary space. Answer On the lighter side.... The shed was invented in March 1983 by Prof J. Boyle of Whitburn Technological Institute. He was researching into the metaphysical properties of shovels when he stumbled across this quite amazing discovery. In the 22 years since, the shed has become one of the most valuable discoveries in recent history. (source - The Shed Age by Patrick Francis :the jocular press, 2000:) Answer The above answers have got the question entirely wrong. The shed was invented one minute after the invention of the comb.The first time a man drew a comb through his hair and formed a parting he invented the shed,