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Arsenal Football Club (also known as Arsenal, The Arsenal or The Gunners) are an English professional football club based in Holloway, North London. They play in the Premier League and are one of the most successful clubs in English football, having won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and 10 FA Cups, and hold the record for the longest uninterrupted period in the English top flight.

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What is the salary structure of arsenal football fc?

Arsenal have a strict salary structure, the only highly paid player is Cesc Fabregas with a weekly salary of 100,000 pounds. The rest get far less, as they are young and Arsenal do not spend unwisely.

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Arsenal Football Club

Does robin van persie have a brother?

No he does not have one

Arsenal Football Club

How can you apply for arsenal football academy?

Go to the Arsenal academy website and you will find an application form, fill that out and wait for an email to see whether you have been accepted for a trial or not, if you have then you go to them, and if you pass your in, its an easy process.

My trials are in a month so i know the strategy is correct.

It has nothing to do with who you support.i want to play the academy for my arsenal.because am a good player in Ghana and i want play the academy.

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How many premier trophies does arsenal have?

It is four E.P.L. but they have won the F.A as well.

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Who has played for Chesea Arsenal and Tottenham?

William Gallas and Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor has never played for Chelsea. he played for Arsenal, Man City & Spurs.

William Gallas is the only player in history.

Clive Allen was part of the Arsenal Youth setup, before playing for Chelsea and Spurs, but did not make a first team appearance for the Gunners.

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How many trophies do arsenal have?

39+ 1 shared community shield

=38 Arsenal

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Why won't Arsene Wenger buy players?

arsenal have been in a lot of debt recently around £500 million and unlike other managers he believes the financial health of his football club is his responsibility. arsenal has cut its debt to £200 million in the past few years so wenger is likely to buy a few players. however, he will not be ripped off and if he thinks a players value is £10million he will not pay any more than that.

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How many goals has Arshavin scored for Arsenal?

He's played 54 games & scored 18 goals for arsenal

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How many trophies has arsenal won compared to man united?

Arsenal and manu have the same amount of trophies and manu is the worst team on earth

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How many spectators can fit in arsenal stadium?

Emirates Stadium is the home stadium of Arsenal FC

Emirates Stadium has a sitting capacity of roughly 60,400 seats

Arsenal Football Club

What is the average age of Arsenal players?

Arsenal Football Club

When did arsenal win premiership?

2003-2004 Arsenal 90 Chelsea 79 Manchester United 75

2001-2002 Arsenal 87 Liverpool 80 Manchester United 77

1997-1998 Arsenal 78 Manchester United 77 Liverpool 65

1990-1991 Arsenal** 83 Liverpool 76 Crystal Palace 69

1988-1989 Arsenal* 76 Liverpool 76 Nottingham Forest 64

1970-1971 Arsenal 65 Leeds United 64 Tottenham Hotspur* 52

1952-1953* Arsenal 54 Preston North End 54 Wolverhampton Wanderers 51

1947-1948 Arsenal 59 Manchester United* 52 Burnley 52

1937-1938 Arsenal 52 Wolverhampton Wanderers 51 Preston North End 49

1934-1935 Arsenal 58 Sunderland 54 Sheffield Wednesday 49

1933-1934 Arsenal 59 Huddersfield Town 56 Tottenham Hotspur 49

1932-1933 Arsenal 58 Aston Villa 54 Sheffield Wednesday 51

1930-1931 Arsenal 66 Aston Villa 59 Sheffield Wednesday 52

Arsenal Football Club

What shoe size does Andrei Arshavin wear?

hes a size 8

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Is arsene wenger left handed?

I think he is right handed.

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How old is Danny Welbeck?

UK footballer Danny Welbeck is 27 years old (birthdate: November 26, 1990).

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What is the arsenal firm called?

There are many. The largest being The Herd and Gooners, but local firms like Finsbury Youth also exist.

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How many trophies has Chelsea fc won?

-They won the First Division/Premier League 4 times

-They won the Second division 2 times

-They won the FA Cup 6 times

-They won the Football league cup 4 times

-They won the FA Charity/ FA Community Shield 4 times

-They won the Full members Cup 2 times

-They won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 2 times

-They won the UEFA Super Cup once

That's a grand total of 25 cup in the clubs history.

Arsenal Football Club

Is Mikel Arteta going to Arsenal?

He is already there.

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How many times has Arsenal won the Premier League?

Arsenal have won the English Premier League on three occasions, in the 1997-98 season, 2001-02 season, and 2003-04 season.

For the first of these seasons, in Arsene Wenger's first full season in management within the United Kingdom, Arsenal overcame an 11-point lead which Manchester United held at one point of the season to win the Premier League by a single point.

The second Arsenal triumph saw the team in close contention for much of the first half of the season, but sealing the division with 13 wins in their last 13 Premier League games, securing the league with a 1 - 0 victory over Manchester United on May 8, 2002.

The third, and final, Arsenal Premier League triumph (as of 2013), saw the team go undefeated throughout the entire 38-game season - the first, and as yet only time a team has done so in the Premier League. While this record looked like being offset late into the second half of the season, as they were knocked out of their two cup competitions within a single week, they managed to retain their "invincible" status - finishing the season with 26 wins and 12 draws from 38 games.
Arsenal have won the FA Premier league 3 times. and have won the top division, 13 times altogether.

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Can you join Arsenal football club?

You can join the club as a "member" which means you pay a yearly membership fee and have access to tickets.

If you mean as a player, Arsenal only invite players into their academy who have been recommended by their own scouts. So, no, you can't just show up and ask to join their youth academy.

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How many trophies has arsenal fc won?

League Champions (13) Premier League (4)

FA Cup (10)

League Cup (2) Uefa Cup (1) European Cup Winners Cup (1)

Arsenal Football Club

Who wears the number 53 shirt for Arsenal?

Wojciech Szczesny wears the number 53 shirt for arsenal.

Arsenal Football Club

Played for arsenal and Celtic?

John Hartson

Ian Wright

Charlie Nicholas

Martin Hayes

Arsenal Football Club

Who wears the number 23 for arsenal?

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How many people in the arsenal squad?

The current amount of players in the Arsenal squad is 33, as of 24th December 2010.


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