The Caribbean island of Aruba is to the north of coastal Guyana and Venezuela. Aruba is known as one of the comfortable ABC islands, with Bonaire and Curacao. Questions typically refer to the island's native Arawak and colonial Dutch heritages; cactus strewn landscape; safe location outside the hurricane belt; stable politics within the Kingdom of the Netherlands; and tourist attractions of predictably sunny warm weather and sheltered beaches.

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Who is Erick Mansur in Aruba?

Eric Mansur is a member of the wealthy Mansur family who are of Lebanese descent.

Specifically, according to the June 1, 1998 issue of Caribbean Update, Eric and his cousin Alex were extradited from Aruba to Puerto Rico in May 1998. The cousins had been indicted by the U.S. Attorney in Puerto Rico for using the Mansur family bank for money laundering. According to Acting U.S. Attorney General Guillermo Gil, the money laundering operation moved about $40 million from Aruba to Colombia.

What is time difference from Milwaukee and Aruba?

Milwaukee time zone is Central time zone, Aruba is in the Atlantic time zone. During, non daylight savings time, there is a two hour time difference between Milwaukee and Aruba.

What is the name of Aruba's turquoise lizard?

Kododo blauw is the name for the Aruban whiptail lizard [Cnemidophorus arubensis]. It's indigenous to the island. Males have turquoise blue head, tail, and legs with rows of white to blue spots on their sides. Females and the young are brown grey with light spots.

Kododo blauw's natural predators include Aruban burrowing owls [Athene cunicularia arubensis] and kestrels [Falco sparverius brevipennis].

What are the main fundamentals of Aruba's Constitution?

Aruba's Constitution emphasizes equality, no penalty without a law (nulla poena sine lege), presumed innocence, and no death penalty.

Specifically, Aruba approved its Constitution on August 9, 1985. The right to personal liberty and security as well as the right of freedom of movement within Aruba are guaranteed. The Constitution also guarantees the right to legal assistance and aid.

Who rules Aruba?

Aruba is a territory belonging to the Netherlands.

Their monarch is Queen Beatrix of Holland

The governor of Aruba is Fredis Refunjol

The Prime Minister of Aruba is Nelson Oduber

Is there a Tiara Airlines in Oranjestad Aruba?

Yes, Tiara Airlines is in Oranjestad, Aruba.

Specifically, the airlines operates out of the Queen Beatrix International Airport. The airlines provides service to the nearby Caribbean islands of Bonaire and Curaçao. It also serves travelers interested in trips to the nearby South American countries of Colombia and Venezuela.

What is Aruba's total area in square miles?

The total area of Aruba is 74.5 square miles [193 square kilometers]. It's 21 miles [33 kilometers] long. Its width varies from about 2 miles [3.2 kilometers] to 8 miles [12.8 kilometers]. For comparison, it's slightly larger than Washington, DC, which is 69 square miles [178 square kilometers].

What is the flight time from Tampa Florida to Aruba?

The flight time from Tampa on Florida's west coast to Oranjestad, Aruba's capital, is a few minutes under 2-3/4 hours at an average flight speed of 500 miles/hour (805 kilometers/hour).

Specifically, Tampa is in the Eastern Time Zone, and Oranjestad is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. Tampa observes daylight saving time, but Oranjestad does not observe it. During daylight saving time, Tampa and Oranjestad have the same time.

What are 'funchi' and 'pan bati'?

Funchi [mush, polenta] and pan bati [flatbread, pancake] are two popular traditional side dishes in Aruba. They're basic recipes, but everyone has their own special recipe for subtle differences in taste.

The basic ingredients for pan bati are baking powder, corn flour [or cornmeal], salt, sugar, and often drops of vanilla. Pan bati is served in wedges. it usually is served with meat, seafood, or soup.

The basic ingredients for funchi are cornmeal, butter, and water. A popular variation is fried funchi. After the funchi cools, it's cut into slices and fried in hot oil until brown and crunchy.

For Corrine's scrumptious recipe for Aruban Red Snapper with Pan Bati, please visit the link provided below.

Can you be Aruba's president if you were not born in Aruba?

Aruba doesn't have a president, it has a prime minister. Yes you can. However there is also a Governor appointed by the soverign of Holland, so you probably have to be in good with Her Majesty to get in on that gig.

Who struck out seven consecutive batters in his first major league baseball game?

Sammy Stewart, although Dunkin Donuts trivia game contest says that answer is wrong. Sammy Stewart did it pitching for the Orioles against Cleveland on September 1, 1978.

Can you send a certified letter to the lender demanding a public sale for the full amount owed on the repossessed vehicle?

You can send them a letter demanding anything you want. Just don't expect them to pay any attention to it.

In SOME states you can do that. BUt you didnt post your state, soooo.....

When is the best time to travel to Grand Cayman island?

Cayman Islands are a hot tropical climate all year round with short rains May -October.

It appears that the best month to come is in February.

What is Aruba's driving distance from Oranjestad to Eagle Beach?

Generally Eagle Beach is only a few miles or less from Aruba's capital city at Oranjestad. Eagle Beach is one of the many popular beaches that are close to Oranjestad. Travel times vary depending on traffic, which often can be heavy.

What is 'Welcome to Aruba' in Papiamento?

Bon bini Aruba is a Papiamento equivalent of 'Welcome to Aruba'.

Who is Aruba's Police Chief?

Peter de Witte formally became Aruba's Police Chief [Hefe di Polis] effective January 1, 2007. He started working as Police Chief on November 1, 2006. He replaced Ronny Bernadina in the position. Peter de Witte's previous job was Acting Director of the Coast Guard of the Netherland Antilles & Aruba [Kustwacht voor de Nederlandse Antilen & Aruba KWNA&A].

What are Aruba's nationals?

Citizens of Aruba are Arubans or Arubians. Both words are interchangeable.

What is 'Welcome' in Aruban?

Bon bini is an Aruban equivalent of 'Welcome'. The word is in the Papiamento language. The island's official languages are Dutch and Papiamento. Papiamento is a creole language that's derived from Portuguese. But it also brings in vocabulary from African languages, Arawak native languages, and English.

What is the best golf course in Aruba?

Although Tierra Del Sol is one of the favorites, Most people are big fans of the brand new Golf resort: Divi Links Golf Resort, the view is incredible and not to mention the accomodations, but then again every one has their opinion: compare for yourself:

What are Aruba's average water temperatures?

Eighty-nine (89) degrees Fahrenheit (31.67 degrees Celsius) is Aruba's average water temperature.

Specifically, this is the average of all temperatures throughout the year. But especially the March temperatures may be a bit cooler due to a cold stream that circulates throughout the Caribbean during the months from March through June. Additionally, the cold stream often will be accompanied by cold fronts extending into the Caribbean from the eastern coastal United States of America and causing strong currents and turbulence in Caribbean waters, none of which leads to warmer water temperatures.

What is the distance from Newark New Jersey to Aruba?

A distance of 1,960 miles [3,154 kilometers; 1,703 nautical miles] separates Newark, New Jersey from Aruba's capital at Oranjestad. It takes about four hours to fly from Newark to Oranjestad. The American state and the Caribbean island country aren't in the same time zone. Newark is one hour behind Aruba.

Are Arubans black or white?

No, Arubans aren't black or white. Instead, they're a mix of black and white. That mix and the Caribbean sun give them the look of a year round tan.

Specifically, the modern day Aruban is a blend of over 40 nationalities in addition to the original Arawak inhabitants. The population is estimated to be 80 percent mixed Amerindian European ancestry and 20 percent other ethnicities. The first inhabitants were Arawak Indians who migrated from the Orinoco Basin in South America. Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda [c. 1466-1515] came across Aruba in 1499 while exploring nearby Venezuela.

Spain was in control of the island until 1636, when the Dutch gained control. The United Kingdom occupied Aruba from 1799 to 1802 and again from 1805 to 1815. Aruba then returned to Dutch rule until the island gained autonomy on January 1, 1986.