Aston Merrygold

Aston Ian Merrygold was born in Peterborough, England on 13 February 1988. He was popularly known as the singer of the Jack the Lad (JLS) band, a runner up during the 2008 series of The X Factor in UK.

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What is JLS's official fan mail address?


Modest! Management

The Matrix Complex, 91 Peterborough Road,

London, SW6 3BU

Names of Aston Merrygold mum and dad?

his mother is called Siobhan Merrygold and his father is called Orjan Merrygold

Is Aston merrygold married or single?

he i s single he is lookng for the perfect girl to come along i wish it was me is super fit

How do you start a boxing career?

Ok get a pencil and a peice of paper because im about to give you a pretty analytical response.

Go to a boxing gym and learn the basics first and after that see how you do in amateur boxing. jw: 75 % of the people who start out, drop by the way-side (conservative estimates). This reply could be a lot - more expounded on than it is, actually.

What is Aston Merrygold's official fan email address?

No fan email address is known for this celebrity.

However to send fan mail to Aston Merryhold or JLS then post it to the following address:


Modest! Management

The Matrix Complex

91 Peterborough Road




What is Aston merry golds girlfriend called?

Aston's girlfriend is one of the JLS backing dancers, Sarah Richards

How old was Aston merrygold when he did the splits?

He was young and in some newspaper he said he could still do it!

Would Aston Merrygold date a Muslim?

Yes he would. Their is a high chance that he would date a muslim.

Does Aston Merrygold wear braces?

no he didn't, and he didn't have glasses either.

Where has Aston Merrygold got a tattoo?

He has a tattoo sleeve on his right arm, a couple behind his right ear on his neck, a music symbol on his back in the middle at the top, stars on the bottom right of his abs and a small one on his right hand.

Who was Judith Aston?

Aston formed her own company called the Aston Paradigm Corporation in Lake Tahoe, California. This company provides training and certification for Aston practitioners.

What is JB from JLS' girlfriend called?

his girlfriend is called Chloe who is a professional dancer !!!

What are Aston Merrygold's mum and dad called?

His mum's name is Siobhan not sure about his dad or step-dad's name

Dose Aston Merrygold have Skype?

Yes Aston does have skype but i don't know what his account name is

How did Aston Merrygold meet the other band members?

Oriste started the boy group and had a CD with him at a football game ndd gave it this man that new Marvin soo he told oriste to give him a call ndd then they meet up and Marvin said I know a guy that's good but small so he gave him astons number so oriste rang Aston was in a middle of a game so Aston said yes he would like to join the group so they meet up ndd said we need a fourth member so they went down to this singing thing and saw these men ndd the men said we no a lad that wants to be in a boy group so they gave them jbs number so they rang him ndd oriste meet up with jb ndd talked ndd jb played some songs he made ndd then all meet up ndd jb played some songs to Aston nd Marvin ndd soon as he had finished they thought he's the one and said your in ndd there mate thought of "jls" (Jack the lad swing) xx

Who is in Aston Merrygolds family?

His Mum- Shiobhan

His STEPdad- Orjan ( His Birth Dad Left The Family)

His 5 Brithers- Conor, Callum, Kane, Antony And Reese

His Sister- Courtney

Him- Aston Iain Merrygold